Best Vise for Tuning and Repairs

Having a properly tuned snowboard can mean the difference between a great time at the slopes and a terrible time blaming your gear. When skis and snowboards are tuned properly, they will keep you moving smoothly and having fun on the mountainside. A good vise can help make tuning your board a breeze, but you’ll want to consider a few factors, like portability, practicality, and price, before picking up the first vise you come across. Here’s our list of the top three vises for tuning and repairing.

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Honorable Mention

Burton Tuning Vises

Does the Trick for Tuning. These vises are a must-have when it comes to tuning your skis or snowboard with precision.

What We Liked: 

These tuning vises are perfectly portable and packable for any trip to the mountains. You won’t need to go to a shop for tune-ups any longer; these vises allow you to set up your tuning station on any edge of a table or workbench. Even better, these vises allow you to hold the board horizontally or vertically, and the tops are gripped so you won’t drop your board on the floor. Plus, it comes with an integrated bottle opener because nothing beats having a fresh brew while you tune your board. Burton Tuning Vises will help you get your board back in shape so you’ll never be the last one down the mountain again! Get it here.

Editor’s Choice

Winterial Ski and Snowboard Vise

Most Versatile Vise. Winterial boasts heavy-duty construction on their vises, which we found to be true.

What We Liked: 

These vises are heavy-duty and built with the strongest materials available. Perfect for snowboards and skis, Winterial vises come with a non-slip rubber grip to prevent wobbling and keep your workbench steady and secure. These vises also allow for streamlined waxing, cleaning, and repairing of skis by enabling users to secure multiple skis at once. They can also be clamped to a variety of work surfaces, allowing you to access diverse positions and angles that result in efficient repairs. Keep your equipment fine-tuned season after season with the help of a high-quality ski and snowboard vise from Winterial. 

Best on a Budget

Demon United Ski and Snowboard Vise

Great Value for the Price. We found the value of these vises to blow away our expectations. Especially at this price.

What We Liked: 

A great option for those on a budget, these vises are tough and effective. Mount them onto your workbench, and be surprised with how well they keep your equipment in place. Meant to exceed expectations, these vises are made with a high-quality and durable nylon and can easily fit all skis and snowboards. The multiple rubber surfaces will prevent any scratches or abrasions, and a simple design and configuration make them easy to transport. 



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