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Best Waterproof Warm-White LED Strip Lights

LED lights add light to your home without the hassle of installing or purchasing new fixtures. You can add lighting to your backyard for safety and style, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes with waterproof LED strip lights. In the home, use dimmable LED lights as nightlights in kids’ rooms, on stairs for safety in the dark, or inside pantries and cabinets in the kitchen. They’re easy to install with self-adhesive, and you can string multiple packages together for extra length. Here are the best LED strip lights for every room of the house and the backyard. We’ve pulled together our favorites for your convenience and shopping made easy!

Best for Yards

HitLights Waterproof Warm White LED Light Strip 

Super Bright and Even

This reel of waterproof LED lights is easy to install both indoors and outside and comes with a two-year warranty.

What We Liked

Use the 16.4 feet of self-adhering and cuttable lighting strip to transform your backyard into a Better Homes and Gardens centerfold shot. These waterproof lights are perfect for lining garden walkways and patios for safety and ambiance. Take your evening barbeques or pool parties to a new, brighter level! Get It Here.

Best for the Kitchen 

Jun Wen Dimmable LED Strip Light Kit 

Super Easy Installation

Touchable and safe for kids, you can cut this reel of LEDs without damaging the lights.

What We Liked

Besides the self-adhesive on the back of the 16.4-foot strip, the kit includes six brackets and adhering clips. With just a few tools, you can secure the lighting to the underside of cabinets and inside dark pantries. You’ll love the added light as you work in the heart of the home. Purchase Here.

Best for Basements 

GuoTonG White LED Strip Lights Waterproof Cuttable 

Get Daylight-White Lighting

Here’s a low-heat strip of cuttable and connectable LED lights with a self-adhesive strip on the back.

What We Liked

This is the perfect reel to illuminate the dark and spooky parts of your basement (i.e., the entire basement). Instead of sprinting up the stairs to escape ghosts, line your staircase and baseboards with these lights. Great for closets, attics, and storage areas as well, they’ll brighten any room or hidden nook in the house. Order Online.

Best for Bedrooms 

 PryEU Warm White LED Strip Lights Waterproof Dimmable 

Extendable and Cuttable

Warm and dimmable, you can control these soft white LED lights with an included remote.

What We Liked

You can create subtle bedroom lighting by lining the underside of your bed, closet interior, or baseboards with the self-adhering LED strip. Then adjust the brightness between 25 and 100 percent with the included remote. Your kids will love them for their bunks and playrooms. And you might even like them for your study or home bar. Buy It Online.

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