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Best Wine Decanters

To taste its best, wine needs to be stored in the right conditions at the right temperature and served in the right glass. And most experts would agree that "it needs to breathe." Essentially, the cork of a wine bottle serves to preserve wine and lock in its flavors and aromas, but decanting wine serves to bring those elements back to life. Really, decanting wine does two things: aeration and sediment separation. As many wines (especially reds) age, sediment can form, affecting the appearance, flavor, and texture. Decanting wine helps separate this sediment, allowing the wine to revert back to the intended texture, flavor, and aromas from when it was made. So if you're looking for an enhanced wine-drinking experience the next time you uncork a bottle, a wine decanter is worth having in your home. Check out some of the best wine decanter options we could find to help make that decision a little easier.
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Most Traditional

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Classic Design & Easy Pouring

Made of 100% lead-free crystal with a 750ml volume, this elegant carafe serves as the perfect vessel to naturally decant, display, and pour your favorite red wines.

What We Liked

This decanter from Le Chateau is made from hand-blown, lead-free crystal in a traditional design with a modern twist. It holds exactly 750ml of wine, which is the standard volume of most wine bottles. This serves to allow the wine to settle in the wide base of the decanter, delivering the perfect amount of breathable surface the wine is exposed to. The pour spout is slightly slanted to deliver a smooth, controllable pour, while also giving the decanter a touch of modern style. Get it here. 

Most Stylish

HiCoup Kitchenware Wine Decanter

Elevate Taste In Style

Shaped like a lyre in a U-shaped design, this 800ml decanter serves to provide maximum levels of aeration and easy, drip-free pouring of your favorite wines, ports, or any beverage you want to display and serve in style.

What We Liked

Due to its sleek design, this HiCoup decanter brings new life not just to your favorite wine, but also to your dining room table or bar top. The U-shape profile allows wine to properly aerate, while also showing off its color and body as it settles between the pour spouts. Even if you simply want to serve orange juice or still water for brunch or dinner, this vessel helps lend a touch of elegance to the display on any table. Buy it now. 

Most Effective

Vintorio Wine Aerator

Traditional & Modern Aeration Combined

Designed to rest atop the mouth of standard decanters, or for pouring directly into a wine glass, this compact device uses both traditional and modern aeration techniques to enhance the aroma, flavor, and mouth feel of any wine.

What We Liked

With a modern and multipurpose design, not only does the Vintorio aerator look sleek, it also performs like a champ. The first stage uses a spray aeration technique to disperse the wine through a series of built-in holes. Then, the wine undergoes even more airflow via the Bernoulli effect as it flows through the device and into your decanter or glass. You can see the action happening at each stage through the beautiful acrylic funnel and the resulting bubbles that form in your glass from the dual-aeration. Though it looks a bit like a trophy, this handy little device brings out the best of even the most basic wines. Buy it here. 

Best Set

New Pacific Youyah Wine Decanter Set

Elegant Carafe and Drying Stand

This convenient set includes a functional and modern carafe, detachable aerator lid, carafe-drying stand, and stainless-steel cleaning beads for an all-in one, wine-enhancing experience.

What We Liked

Handmade from lead-free crystal, the Youyah wine carafe holds 1300ml, enough space for two entire (standard-sized) bottles of your favorite wine. The simplistic aerator lid is designed to speed up the aeration process, allowing you the ability to pour wine back and forth between the carafe and original bottle and achieve proper aeration within five minutes or less. The set also comes with a small container of stainless steel beads, which upon gently swirling around inside the carafe helps to remove excess sediment, which can otherwise be difficult to clean in most carafes. Get it now. 


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