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Best Wool Blankets

Whether you are looking for a cozy addition to your living space or added insulation while camping, wool blankets provide great warmth and comfort. Built to last, wool blankets tend are the best of all worlds: durable, flexible, and temperature regulating. Wool percentage, material treatment, and size are all important elements to evaluate when selecting a wool blanket. We’ve selected four great blankets on the market. These represent our favorites out there.

Best On a Budget

Ever Ready First Aid Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Fire Retardant Blanket

Olive Green Wool Blanket

This large olive green wool blanket is flame retardant. It’s an affordable option and ideal for camping. Get everyone in the family one!

What We Liked

This particular wool blanket is similar to one issued in the military. We liked that the blanket was safe for use around campfires and super warm. The 66 x 90" size of this soft, 80-percent wool blanket is great for both everyday and emergency use. Order Online.

Runner Up

 EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket 

Natural Wool Blanket

This blanket is made of wool that is mildew-, static-, and fire-resistant, as well as odor-free.

What We Liked

This blanket is made of 90-percent wool and 10-percent synthetic. We liked that the blanket was non-scratchy and odor free. The comfortable wool is also naturally mildew-, static-, and fire-resistant, so you’ll feel great about the durability and safety of this purchase. The ability to machine-wash this blanket makes it easy to use both indoors and outdoors and to conveniently clean afterward. Get It Here.

Top Pick

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket 

Triple Washed Wool Blanket

This soft wool blanket is triple-washed in production to reduce shedding. It’s sure to last you for years and keep you warm and cozy.

What We Liked

This wool blanket is made of 80-percent wool. We liked that it is triple washed during production to reduce the amount of shedding and wool residue, which is a typical issue with most wool blankets. This large 64 x 88" blanket is a great size for camping and outdoor concerts. The fact that this blanket is machine washable is certainly a bonus. Buy It Here.

Best as a Gift

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Farmhouse Collection Thick Warm Wool Blanket

Colorful Farmhouse Wool Blanket

This woven blanket is made with premium virgin Merino wool for a full, soft blanket in a traditional farmhouse design. It makes a great holiday, birthday, graduation, or anniversary gift.

What We Liked

This style of blanket is made with premium wool. We liked the softness and durability of this one. The contrasting colors give a bright, cozy feel to any bed, sofa, or reading nook. If you're looking for a blanket that someone will actually use, this is an excellent pick for a practical present. It’s both a quality product and eye-catching in design. Get One Online.

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