Best Wool Layers for Kids

Nothing ruins a day on the slopes faster than getting cold. During winter activities, base layers pull moisture away from the body to keep the skin dry while mid- and outer-layers keep boost warmth. With the right base layer, your child won’t notice the frigid weather and will instead be focused on having fun in the great outdoors. Avoid putting kids in a cotton t-shirt, which will sap warmth from the body if even a little wet. Instead, kids should wear merino wool base layers for any kind of outdoor activity. When shopping for base layers for kids, make sure the fit is snug. Shop for sets, as they’re usually a better deal, and get high necklines (with a zipper, if possible), which are better at keeping in warmth.

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Most Stylish 

Helly Hansen Kid’s Base Layer Set

Function and Fashion. Kids will love picking out a set from over twenty different styles. Base layers are made with two-layer construction and come in sizes for kids ages one through nine.

What We Liked: 

Helly Hansen has cute patterns and colors to match every kid’s unique style. They keep kids warm on the slopes and stylish by the fire with cocoa. Flatlock seams prevent chafing, and LIFA technology provides superior moisture management, no matter how hard kids play while out on the mountain. Get it today.

Best All-Day Base Layer

Merino Wool Kids Base Layer 

Stay Warm On & Off the Slope. This base layer set works well either for outdoor activity or as warm pajamas during the winter months. Comes in seven sizes, from six months up to six years.

What We Liked: 

This set works well as a base layer while playing outside and for staying warm inside the house. The 220 merino wool is 100 percent organic, placing it among the thickest and warmest on the market. Seams are double stitched flat for durability and to prevent any skin irritation. Get it now.

Easiest Temperature Regulation 

Smartwood Kids’ Merino 250 Baselayer Zip T

High-Performance Top. This zip-neck, interlock knit top comes in five sizes for kids ages four to fourteen. The heavy 250 merino wool keeps kids warm, and temperature regulation is easy with the zipper at the neck.

What We Liked: 

The Smartwool top is ideal for kids who always play hard outdoors. When they work up a sweat, just unzip the neck to release heat. During downtime and on the chairlift, re-zip to trap additional warmth. The construction is durable enough for multiple season use. Get it here.



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