Best Wrist Braces

Joint pain is a common part of an active lifestyle. While stretching, strengthening, and supplements can help chronic conditions, sometimes you need to break out the big guns. Wearing a wrist brace, especially overnight, can relieve pain from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and arthritis. A wrist brace holds the wrist in a neutral position, giving your joints time to recover. Even for acute conditions like strains and sprains, a wrist brace cuts down recovery time while providing immediate pain relief. We’ve rounded up the best wrist braces for day and night wear, with custom features and high-end materials. They’re worth having around the house with your first-aid kit, for just-in-case situations.
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Most Breathable

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

Lightweight with Contoured Support

Made from recycled materials, this breathable wrist brace offers contoured support and custom fit compression.

What We Liked

While we love anything that’s both good for the environment and good for us, we love the antimicrobial feature on this wrist brace even more. It eliminates odors, stains, and even product breakdown from bacterial growth. The controlled compression from the brace helps with both acute and chronic wrist injuries. Get it here. 

Most Comfortable

ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

Durable with Cushioned Beads

Metal splints surrounded with cushy, breathable materials provide support and compression for either hand overnight.

What We Liked

The moisture wicking and breathable fabric works overnight to keep skin dry and comfortable. The gentle support of the ComfyBrace is ideal for those post-cast, and those suffering from arthritis or tendonitis. Buy it now. 

Best for Overnight Support

ACE Night Wrist Sleep Support

Neutral Hand Position Support

Provides a natural sleep position for the wrist with stabilizing support from adjustable splints and a cushioned palm.

What We Liked

The Night Wrist Sleep Support makes it easy to get sleep while recovering from injury or suffering from a chronic condition. You can get it on and adjusted by yourself, for natural support with comfortable features. Buy it here. 

Most Versatile

Vive Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Reversible and Adjustable

Removable splints and heat-retaining neoprene combine in this wrist brace that’s perfect for people who want to stay on-the-go, even when injured.

What We Liked

You can wear this wrist brace all day or night, thanks to the breathable, lightweight neoprene. The customizable features also help you create the wrist brace that provides the support you need while still letting you do the activities you want. Get it now. 



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