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Essential Ice Scrapers for This Winter

Whether you’re digging your car out in a monster snowstorm or need to clear the frost from your windshield for your morning commute, these lightweight yet durable ice and snow scrapers have got you covered—or uncovered in this case. Read on to discover our top picks on the market today! We’re certain you’ll find a handy winter tool you can’t live without.

Best Value

Hopkins Mallory Snow Brush 

 Light and Simple

Deep-six the deep freeze with this simple 2-in-1 unit. It’s a great, affordable scraper you’ll never leave home without.

What We Liked

Here’s a compact brush-and-scraper tool that features a soft foam grip for easy handling and comfort. You’ll get a quality product for a terrific price. Consider placing these in your kids’ or other family members’ vehicles as well. For the money, you can’t beat the convenience and safety measures. Order Online.

Best All-Around

Snow Joe Snow Broom & Ice Scraper

Sweeper System

The innovative design of the Snow Joe broom efficiently and effectively shifts the white stuff with minimal hassle.

What We Liked

Enjoy the versatility of a telescoping design to help extend reach (from 33 to 52 inches), plus one that enables quick breakdown for compact storage in your car or garage. We had no problem making this our best overall top pick! Get Yours Here.

Easiest to Store

AstroAI Snow Brush & Detachable Ice Scraper

Take Care of the Cold

Brush, scrape, or chip with an ice scraper that splits apart for easy use by two people, as well as for simple storage.

What We Liked

Another brush-and-scraper combo, this one breaks into two separate tools. Plus, it boasts a useful brush handle for greater power and control while scraping harder-to-shift ice and frost. Simply tuck it away for the next harsh winter day! Get It Here.

Most Compact

Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper

Top-Notch Ice Breaker

Designed for both ice and frost, this is a great tool to keep in your car all winter long.

What We Liked

At less than a foot in length, this scraper is equipped to remove ice and frost while storing easily in a seat-back pocket or neatly in your trunk. You’ll hardly notice it’s there, until you need to notice. It’s a small game-changer you’ll be glad you have on hand when the temps take a blustery dive. Purchase Today.

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