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Our Top Three Energy Drinks

Sometimes you just need a little lift and you want to do the best you can for staying healthy. It would be great to get that boost from the convenience of a low-calorie drink. Check out the three companies we researched for you. They understand what you want—energy in a drink packed with flavor, but not too much sugar so there’s no guilt involved.

Best Citrus Taste

Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar-Free Energy Drink

Refreshing Taste

Drop the calories and enjoy a new, refreshing citrus taste. Monster’s new sugar-free drink is packed with their energy blend but none of the sugar.

What We Liked

You get flavor-packed energy in each 10.5-ounce serving without the sugar. 100mg of caffeine will boost your day with just five calories. Multiple flavors are available for each 12-pack. We enjoyed the lighter, citrus taste that isn’t as sweet as the original Monster drinks. Get it here. 

Best Natural Energy Drink

V8 +Energy, Healthy Energy Drink

Natural Energy

Each delicious drink contains a full serving of fruits and vegetables from non-GMO sources so you can feel great about gaining energy without the added sugars, fake colors, or gluten.

What We Liked

Made from sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots with 80mg of the natural caffeine you want. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin B and includes Vitamin C. You get an energy pick-up from black and green tea in every 50-calorie serving. Each case has 24 cans of eight-ounce goodness. Buy it now. 

Most Caffeine

Reign Total Body Fuel Fitness & Performance Drink

Performance Oriented

Athletes know the value of proper fueling before and after their workouts. Every drink comes packed with more of what your body needs.

What We Liked

300mg of caffeine in every 16-ounce drink to ensure you get the pick-up you’re needing. But that’s not all. CoQ10, BCAAs, and electrolytes, are generously supplied for real performance. There’s no sugar, artificial flavors or colors, and only 10 calories. There are nine flavors for this gluten-free product that comes in a pack of 12. Buy it here.

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