The Best Balaclavas

Balaclavas are close-fitting garments that cover the entire head and neck. Some people call them ski masks or face masks. Balaclavas work great in the outdoors once the leaves begin to fall and the seasons change. The temperature in the high country is bitter cold and made even worse by high winds. Warm balaclavas can protect your face and neck from cold temperatures, high winds, and even precipitation. Check out our favorite balaclavas for the upcoming winter...

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Best Convenience

Outdoor Research Gorilla Balaclava


Easy to Use Balaclava. Nylon and spandex balaclava blocks wind and cold, and portions of it are removable in warmer temperatures.

What We Liked: 

Finding your way into the backwoods and exploring an area that looks like it hasn’t been touched by humans in a while, if ever, is one of the greatest opportunities you can experience. However, the journey can be unpredictable. Make sure you pack prepared for anything the weather may throw at you including severe snowstorms and high winds. This balaclava will keep you warm and dry. The balaclava is produced with nylon and spandex material. The balaclava stretches two inches high and eight inches wide to cover most faces and is sold in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The machine-washable black balaclava serves as a windstopper thanks to the softshell fabric with extra fleece backing. The accessory is designed for high altitudes and full storm protection. The nose and mesh breathing portion of the balaclava is removable. It is a versatile high altitude balaclava with a variety of ways to use it. Get it here.

Best for Skiing & Snowboarding

The North Face Patrol Balaclava


Hit the Slopes, Stay Warm. Balaclava is made from one of the leaders in outdoor wear and is compatible with most ski and snowboard helmets.

What We Liked: 

Mountaineers and other outdoor recreationalists need to have plenty of layers for at least half the year in the high country. Mountain storms can roll in without any warning with sharp changes in temperatures. Wind and cold can eat through parts of your body, your face not excluded. This balaclava is a lightweight and compact item you can always have on hand in the event the weather dramatically turns. The North Face is one of the most recognizable names in outdoor wear and accessories. All of their products are excellent quality. The North Face Patrol Balaclava is available in two sizes: small and medium. Larger heads may have to look elsewhere for the best fit. The balaclava is made of polyester. It also features a pull-on closure. One of the reasons the balaclava is only offered in smaller sizes is because it is helmet-compatible. Therefore, it is a top selection for skiers and snowboarders to stay comfortable on the slopes all day. Get it today.

Best Variety

Seirus Innovation 2875 Polartec Balaclava


Versatile Cold Weather Balaclava. Plenty of ways to customize the balaclava to fit what the weather is currently throwing at you on the slopes or in the backcountry.

What We Liked: 

The Seirus Innovation 2875 Polartec Balaclava is the most versatile head protection accessory we have seen in a while. It offers complete head, face, and neck protection. The balaclava is also sold in more sizes than any item on the list (small/medium, large/X-large, and junior). If you’re looking to protect your child’s head and face it works great for youngsters too. The black balaclava works as a mask, hood, and balaclava. You can use it as a neck gator or switch to a partial face mask. The full face mask version provides the most warmth and protection. Heavy-duty fleece is used for its material in order to deliver maximum warmth. The four-way stretch material makes it a comfortable fit and doesn’t restrict head movement on the slopes or obstruct vision. Material is also designed to wick away moisture and dry quickly, even if the product isn’t considered waterproof. Children will like the options for how you can wear the balaclava as much as adults. It's available today.



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