The Best Bandaids

Bandaids protect and cushionscrapes and cuts, so they stay clean and heal. Bandaids come in different sizes and materials for all of your first-aid needs. Whether you are camping, heading to the mountains it is always smart to have a first-aid kit with a good selection of bandaids. There are so many different brands and types to choose from, we reviewed five popular bandaids, so you can make the best selection for your first-aid kit.

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Best One Size Bandage

Band-Aid Brand One-Size

Single Size Band-Aid. One size bandage, perfect for covering minor cuts and scrapes.

What We Liked: 

The flexible fabric used in these band-aids is comfortable on the skin. Good adhesion allows them to stay on for a full day. These band-aids are designed to stretch and bend with the skin so they are good when you are being active and the comfortable fabric means that you will hardly notice you are wearing it. Buy them here. 

Best Waterproof Bandage


Waterproof Bandages. These waterproof bandages come with three different sizes to cover and protect against germs and infections.

What We Liked: 

These bandages use a transparent adhesive so they are less noticeable on your skin. Designed with a 360-degree seal that allows for waterproof, dirt proof, and germ proof safety for your cut, scrape, or blister. The assorted sizes allow for the protection of many different sized cuts and scrapes. Buy them today.

Best Family Pack

Band-Aid Assorted Sizes


Family Pack of Band-Aids. Sheer and clear colored bandages in a variety of sizes to cover both large and small wounds.

What We Liked: 

A big box of bandages in different sizes that’s perfect to have in the house or car for the un-known times you need to cover up a wound. The backing of the bandages is made to be breathable to allow for faster healing. The variety of colors, fabrics and sizes makes this family pack a useful and practical addition to any first-aid kit.

Best Hurt-Free Band-Aid

Band-Aid Brand Assorted Sizes

Band-Aid Brand Assorted Sizes

Band-Aid Brand Assorted Sizes

Comfortable Flexible Band-Aid. A well-cushioned band-aid that doesn’t stick to cuts and wounds.

What We Liked: 

Made with memory-Weave fabric, these band-aids don't stick to wounds and stretch and flex with your skin. The Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad cushions wounds and scrapes which protects and helps prevent re-injury.

Best Variety Pack

Curad Assorted Bandages

Fabric Bandages Variety Pack. Bandages with a 4-sided adhesive seal to completely cover and protect.

What We Liked: 

This is a large box with 300 different bandages. There are anti-bacterial fabric bandages, medium size waterproof bandages, heavy-duty ones, and more. The antibacterial band-aids prevent infection and are essential when you are on the go. Buy them here.

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