The Best Body Protection Gear

Crashing is no joke during the intense outdoor sports we participate in. Helmets have become standard safety gear while skiing or riding a bike, but there are other options to help mitigate the impact of a wipeout. A motorcycle jacket with built in armor, a chest and spine protector, and padded shorts are a great way to stay a bit more protected when having fun. Here are some of our favorite options to keep you a bit safer this season.

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Best Value

HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket

All Season Motorcycle Jacket. A waterproof motorcycle jacket, built to be rugged, yet comfortable and stylish.

What We Liked: 

A jacket you can feel stylish and protected in. It has built in armor plates in the elbows and shoulders, that can be removed for a lighter ride if desired. With sizes ranging from small through xxxxx-large, there is a size and fit for everyone. Buy it here.


Fox Titan Jacket

Comfortable and airy. Anatomically designed jacket with a high-impact, multi piece chest plate and spine protector.

What We Liked: 

Built with plastic armor, this jacket is super light and comfortable. The main body of the jacket has a ventilated mesh material, allowing for airflow and great ventilation. The high-impact chest and spine protector will be much appreciated if you ever wipe out on the track. Buy it today.

Best Multi-Purpose Armor

Webetop Chest & Spine Protector

Maximum Chest Protection. A chest and spine protector that’s light and comfortable to wear under clothes and jerseys. Perfect for a day at the dirt track.

What We Liked: 

Super secure and light. Can be used for multiple sports including mountain biking, skiing, skateboarding, dirt biking, or any other activity that body armor might be helpful for. Get it here.

Most Comfortable

Bodyprox Padded Shorts

Protective Padded Shorts. Providing protection for your hips, thighs, and tailbone these padded shorts offer added protection for any action sports.

What We Liked: 

The shock absorbing EVA foam cushions are great to lessen some of the bruises and bumps we get mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, or any activity where wipeouts are possible. Made from nylon, spandex, and vent mesh allows for a super comfortable fit, even when worn under other clothes. Buy it today.

Best Padding

 Soared Padded Shorts

Impact Resistant Shorts. Thick EVA padding provide a nice layer of cushioning for impact sports.

What We Liked: 

A thick, padded, durable short for anyone looking for some added protection on the hips, lumbar, thigh, and tailbone. Made with a breathable, cool mesh that wicks away moisture. Available in a variety of sizes, these shorts are perfect for people learning to do tricks in the terrain park or skate park. Get them here.



The Best Outdoor Body Protection Gear

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