The Best Camping Tarps

Camping trips are all fun and games until a torrential downpour, burning sun, or soggy ground threatens the entire expedition. For these reasons, a trustworthy camping tarp should be a part of your adventure equipment arsenal. Camping tarps are versatile pieces of gear often mistaken as nothing more than a square sheet of cloth, but in reality these pieces of durable fabric will hold back the rain, keep the glaring sun at bay, and prevent you from waking in the middle of the night to a wet tent. Made from lightweight, packable, and heavy-duty materials, a camping tarp will often come in handy no matter where your adventures take you. Read on to see our picks for the best waterproof camping tarps.

Highest Rated

Foxelli Rain Tarp

Ideal for Backcountry Hammocks

Foxelli’s lightweight camping tarp offers superior protection from the elements.

What We Liked

Made from a water resistant ripstop polyester fabric, this standard rain tarp features durable corner loops and double stitching for prolonged durability. Weighing just 18.2 ounces, the tarp comes with four reflective nylon guy lines and two aluminum stakes to keep everything secure whether you’re sleeping on the ground in a tent or catching some shuteye in your favorite hammock. The entire package stores conveniently in a packable carrying bag, and a 120-day guarantee provides reassurance should the tarp fail to meet your needs in the backcountry. Get it here. 

Most Durable

W-UpBird RipStop Rain Fly

A Performance Budget Tarp

Made from durable 210T Dacron fabric, W-UpBird’s classic rain fly is a versatile option for those protecting their hammock, tent, hiking equipment, or backcountry kitchen.

What We Liked

Pitching a tarp can be a pain when guy lines, stakes, and corner loops are scarce, but W-UpBird’s classic camping tarp has thought of such shortfalls. Featuring eight nylon ropes with adjusters, eight aluminum stakes, and four corner loops, this ripstop rainfly measures ten feet by ten feet and weighs less than two pounds. Perfect for backcountry travels, the entire package stores conveniently in the included carrying bag. Buy it now. 

Great Quality

Terra Hiker Camping Tarp

A Versatile Tent Footprint

Though an ongoing debate may have you questioning the importance of a tent footprint, Terra Hiker’s budget waterproof footprint offers the perfect blend of price, versatility, and durability.

What We Liked

A tent footprint may seem like an unnecessary backpacking accessory to some, but placing one beneath your tent will prevent tears and holes from forming on the bottom of your tent while keeping moisture at bay. Terra Hiker’s camping footprint is made from 210D Oxford cloth that delivers waterproof properties and lasting durability. Available in three different sizes, this classic design can be used for picnics, camping, days at the beach, or as a sun canopy when things get hot. Buy it here. 

Most Popular

Redcamp Waterproof Camping Tarp

The Lightweight Camping Tarp

Weighing less than a pound, Redcamp’s waterproof camping tarp is the optimal choice for those looking to shed every possible ounce of weight on the trail.

What We Liked

Available in nine separate dimensions, this everyday camping tarp from Redcamp features eight rust-proof grommets, double-layer corners, and heavy-duty stitching for increased durability. While most camping tarps are specifically designed to defend against water, Redcamp’s tarp can be used as a tent footprint, hammock rainfly, picnic mat, and more. Select one of the smaller sizes for solo camping or size up if your tent sleeps multiple occupants. Get it now. 

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