The Best Ice Wraps

As outdoor recreationists, we love to take what nature gives us and push our bodies to the max. Even indoors at the gym or on the court, we keep pushing. Often, our bodies experience breakdown and strain in these intense workouts. After spending a day mountain biking, hitting the slopes, or weightlifting, you can rely on ice wraps to provide quick-acting relief. The best ice wraps are reusable and practical for a number of athletic injuries, treating everything from standard aches and pains to long-term relief from major injuries. Keep reading for three of the best ice wraps we’ve discovered.

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Athlete’s Choice

TrekProof Two-Piece Ice Pack


Alternate Between Hot and Cold Therapy. The wrap serves a dual purpose. You can transition between hot and cold therapy with ease. It comes in a dual pack so you can keep one in the freezer and one for quick warming in a microwave.

What We Liked: 

Top performers prefer these reusable hot and cold therapy packs. The gel wraps offer relief from joint and muscle pain, as well as issues with the back and knees. Further, the wraps are capable of providing therapeutic help to myofascial, soft tissue soreness, stiff joints, and aching muscles. The process is simple: freeze a pack for cold therapy, and use a microwave to quickly warm a pack for hot treatment. It’s our top pick. Bonus: We appreciated the comfort straps that hold the packs in place while icing or warming a body part. Get it here.

Runner Up

The Coldest Water Reusable Ice Wrap


Recover from Injuries Quickly. Active bodies are prone to experience aches, pain, and other injuries related to performance. This reusable ice wrap is 15 inches x 12 inches and conforms to your body for more consistent coverage. The wrap takes up to two hours to refreeze and is designed for up to 20 minutes of application.

What We Liked: 

Designed by professional athletes, this ice wrap is an improvement upon traditional wraps. It's exceptional in the realms of pain relief and treatment of longstanding injuries. It offers quick recovery from ankle sprains, muscle pain, and aches, stiff necks, back pain, hamstring issues, and other sports injuries. The ice wrap is recommended by physical therapists for its improved technology. It's flexible and molds to your body, applying a more consistent cold across your targeted area. The wrap is reusable, which makes it a practical long-term solution. Buy it here.

Honorable Mention

NatraCure Universal Ice Wrap


Choose from a Variety. This ice wrap is sold in a variety of sizes to accommodate numerous target areas for maximum relief. The clay interior is pliable after frozen to allow molding to different body parts. Even the travel size offers immediate relief to shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles.

What We Liked: 

This wrap is sold in multiple sizes, and we think it’s ideal for athletes with lingering injuries and routine, problematic areas. It comes in 3 x 5 inches, 4 x 5 inches, 5 x 10 inches, and 11 x 14 inches. Select the size most appropriate for your sports injury or invest in multiple sizes. You can purchase these individually or in packs of two. This particular ice wrap is known for staying colder longer, certainly rivaling and even winning against its competitors. Professional-grade clay interior supports the wrap while remaining pliable in order to mold to different body parts. We think the nylon strap is a convenient feature, and we applaud the thin and lightweight design, which makes it easy to transport. Get it here.



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