The Best Off-Grid SMS Devices

Imagine traveling abroad with no cell service, and yet still being able to send text messages to friends and family back home. Or perhaps being separated from your hiking group in the mountains and still being able to send a GPS signal with your whereabouts. With off-grid SMS (short message service) devices, you can rely solely on the devices to communicate and send your location information privately with other people—with no Wi-Fi or cell service required. Off-grid SMS devices are perfect for traveling, camping, festivals, emergencies, and many other scenarios where getting a signal might be a challenge. Here are three of our favorites that ranked highly for range, usability, convenience, and more.

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Best for International Travel

goTenna Mesh

Great Off-Grid Communication. Perfect for anytime you might be without cell service. Send messages or GPS signals to other users in the most remote areas on the planet.

What We Liked: 

The battery life on the goTenna Mesh is really good, lasting up to 24 hours. The ability to send messages individually, in a group chat, or even an emergency message to all nearby users is really cool. The range extends up to about four miles where it can ping another user. Offline maps for any area of the world make it an ideal tool to take on all travels. Get it here.

Best Range

Radacat Messenger C1

Text, Voice, And Location. Text and voice message others in your group with no Wi-Fi or cell service. With location tracking and sharing, never lose track of your group when on an adventure.

What We Liked: 

The voice message aspect of this SMS device was a nice touch. The ability to locate and track others in your group means that no one gets lost. Set meeting points that only your group can see. Delivers a four-mile range, plus the ability to relay messages even further when pinging off other Radacat devices. Buy it here.

Best Car Tracker

ATian GPS Tracker TK103B

Automatic Update of Positions. A vehicle tracker designed to keep you updated continuously concerning the vehicle’s whereabouts.

What We Liked: 

The ability to have someone track your vehicle’s whereabouts when heading into the mountains, desert, or anywhere else remote is awesome. Vehicles break down and drivers get lost—among many other unexpected roadblocks—so having a super secure GPS tracking device in your vehicle can literally be a lifesaver. Get it here.



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