The Best Reflective Vests

Great for anyone who needs to be seen in the dark, reflective vests can help prevent an accident that could ruin your vacation or a simple, routine run. Protect yourself and keep enjoying the sports you love. From different colors to sizes and uses, there’s a reflective vest out there for you. Continue reading for our top three selections.

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Honorable Mention

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest


Amazing Running Vest. Nathan Streak states that their vest is perfect for 360-degree coverage, especially during nighttime running, which we found to be true. This one was made for the super-active lifestyle.

What We Liked: 

This vest is made of soft, breathable, lightweight mesh material. So, you’ll stay cool and won’t be weighed down by unnecessary fabric. Unlike other vests that are uncomfortable or restrict movement, the Nathan Streak is guaranteed not to ride up and allows for a full range of motion. Get it today.

Best on a Budget

Nathan Bandolier Reflective Vest


Good Minimalist Vest. We agree with the brand that this bandolier vest is lightweight and doesn’t add any bulk to what you’re wearing. You’ll hardly know it’s there, but other people will know that you are.

What We Liked: 

Made of breathable mesh materials, this reflective vest is slim and minimally designed to not interrupt arm swing. The vest is completely adjustable and has a small zippered pocket that’s perfect for storing cash, cards, and car keys. One complaint we had with this vest is that it’s shorter than we thought. If you’re on the taller side, this vest will fall around mid-chest and might feel uncomfortable. Buy it here.

Editor’s Choice

247 Viz Reflective Vest


Must-Have Vest. 247 Viz boasts that their vest is perfect for nighttime use, which we found to be accurate. It’s adjustable and works with a variety of seasonal clothing.

What We Liked: 

Take it on the slopes or off the slopes. The 247 Viz is our top choice for a reflective vest. You can use it for skiing, cycling, motorcycling, or even dog walking. It comes in three highly visible colors and provides 360-degree reflectivity, so you won’t ever have to worry about not being seen during your nighttime activities. You can completely adjust the vest’s size to fit over a coat, jacket, sweatshirt or tank top. This makes it ideal for any weather conditions all year long. One issue we found with the vest, however, is that the sleeves slip a bit when you’re running or competitively skiing. For those who plan to use it for hiking or more leisurely skiing, you shouldn’t have any problems. Buy it today.



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