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The Best Thermal Blankets

The right thermal blanket can extend camping season well into spring and fall. Using the right gear that won’t weigh you down, you can head out on big adventures even when temperatures dip below 40º. Picking the right thermal blanket means considering compressed size, temperature rating, and unfolded full size. Our top picks come in a variety of sizes, weights, and prints. They’re optimized for everything from picnics and outdoor concerts to transitional season camping.

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Western Mountaineering Nanolite Quilt: 38 Degree Down


Cozy But Not Bulky. The Nanolite packs down to just 6”x10” and a remarkable 12 ounces for through-hikers camping during the transitional seasons. Packed with 850+ fill down, it also features an elastic lace bottom closure to prevent drafts at any width.

What We Liked: 

It comes in two sizes for people both taller and shorter than 6’. You never have to pack more quilt than you’ll use, and taller campers won’t have their head & neck exposed. It is hoodless, so sleeping in a hooded puffer or beanie is recommended by Western Mountaineering. When paired with cold-weather gear and the right sleeping pad, this quilt can hold up even when overnight temps dip below freezing. Buy it today.

Best Functionality

Therm-a-Rest Corus 35-Degree Down Backpacking and Camping Quilt


Functionality and Warmth. This quilt takes up a minimal amount of pack space, compressing to just 10”x7” and weighs a modest 1.5 lbs. It’s packed with 650-fill Hydrophobic Down to stay dry longer than untreated down and dry faster once wet.

What We Liked: 

The Therm-a-Rest uses the details of the quilt to add warmth without adding weight and bulk. An insulated foot box wraps around your insulated pad to keep out drafts. The seams are finished with ThermaCapture technology, which captures and reflects body heat back into the quilt. The quilt offers unrestricted movement through the night and keeps you comfortable down to 45º. We appreciate that it’s rated for an even lower limit of 35º. Buy it here.

Most Versatile

Rumpl The Down Blanket


Eco-Friendly Warmth. The Rumpl comes in nine colorful styles and three different sizes. Instead of down, they use post-consumer recycled material. And the blankets are small when packed into their water-resistant stuff bags, the largest blanket compressing down to just 8 inches by 9 inches.

What We Liked: 

This quilt is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, and each blanket uses anywhere from 16 and 100 of them. Constructed with Durable Water Repellent technology, Rumpl blankets keep you drier for longer. It’s a great blanket for more than just three-season camping. It looks stylish and functions well at picnics, outdoor concerts, or while traveling. They’re rated to stay warm down to 40º. Get it today.


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