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The Best Tourniquets

The standard emergency medical kit will contain an abundance of practical equipment such as band-aids, medical tape, gauze, and other assorted supplies. Often, these kits will also include a tourniquet that prevents blood loss from injured limbs by pinching off circulation from the nearest artery. Carried by wilderness experts, medical staff, and even the U.S. military, a tourniquet can be the piece of equipment that influences life or death if medical aid is unavailable. While it’s possible to make a tourniquet from everyday materials like cloth and sticks, carrying an official tourniquet will be far more effective. Whether you’re adventuring in the backcountry, planning a road trip with friends, or working on the job site, check out our picks for the best tourniquets that could someday save a life.

Most Popular

Recon Medical Tourniquet

A Reliable Piece of Lifesaving Equipment

Recon Medical’s third generation tourniquet utilizes Kevlar stitching, aircraft-grade aluminum, and military-grade materials to provide a reliable first aid device.

What We Liked

Most will compare Recon Medical’s standard tourniquet to the popular Combat Application Tourniquet endorsed by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research, and for good reason. The Recon Medical device utilizes similar military-grade materials, offers exceptional build quality, and is both portable and easy to use. Order one tourniquet to stow in your emergency med kit, or buy them in bulk to stay prepared for every tactical and non-tactical trauma scenario. Get it here. 

Highest Rating

CAT Combat Application Tourniquet

Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army

As the official tourniquet of the U.S. Army, the Combat Application Tourniquet from C-A-T Resources features durable materials and unrivaled build quality.

What We Liked

A tourniquet should be ready for use at a moment’s notice, and that’s why we’re fans of C-A-T Resources’ Combat Application Tourniquet. The simple application process allows you to apply the device quickly, thus saving precious time when every second counts. Though this tourniquet may be more expensive than similar models, the U.S. Army endorsement ensures that you’re receiving a superior product. Buy it now. 

Most Adaptable

North American Rescue Military Issue Tourniquet

A Well-Balanced Tourniquet

North American Rescue’s military-issue tourniquet offers many of the standard features found on modern tourniquets, but beware of counterfeit models that may prove to be less effective.

What We Liked

Featuring a reinforced windlass clip and a highly visible security tab, North American Rescue’s military-issue tourniquet is made from heavy-duty fabrics and first-rate materials. A writeable area allows you to record the time of application, thus ensuring the trauma victim doesn’t suffer from blood poisoning after the tourniquet has been applied. Place an order in bulk of up to 25 tourniquets to ensure there’s always one within arm’s reach. Buy it here. 

Most Convenient

SWAT-T Tourniquet

A Latex-Free Alternative

While most tourniquets are made from synthetic or latex materials, SWAT-T’s latex-free tourniquet is a welcome alternative option.

What We Liked

This conventional tourniquet from SWAT-T features a simplistic build and durable materials, as you’d expect from an entry-level tourniquet. Though the device is cheaper than other well-known tourniquets on the market, it offers the same life-saving attributes for those that won’t likely need a tourniquet but would like to have one on-hand just in case. Get it now.

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