The Ultimate Down Comforters

Does anything feel better at the end of the day than sinking into a luxurious down comforter? It’s like sleeping in a cloud. Down comforters provide exceptional warmth, are easy to keep clean when paired with a duvet cover, and are super-breathable so you won’t overheat at night. They’re a great way to stay cozy in bed all year. We’ve got the best down comforters out there, perfect for every sleep style—from unbeatable breathability to sheer luxury. There’s even a hypoallergenic comforter for sensitive sleepers. Read on to discover our testers’ favorites.


Egyptian Bedding Luxurious King Goose Down Comforter 

Year-Round Comfort

This medium-warmth comforter adjusts to your needs through all four seasons for coziness without overheating.

What We Liked

It’s designed with baffle boxes for the unique and higher loft in the comforter. The fabric is 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton, which is breathable and leak-proof to keep the goose down inside. This is perfect for cold winter evenings and even cool spring mornings—hot cocoa or coffee in hand! Order Online.

Most Breathable 

Downcool 100% Cotton Quilted Down Comforter with Corner Tabs 

Lightweight and Warm

Combining goose down with a 100-percent cotton cover creates a cozy but breathable year-round comforter.

What We Liked

If you hate leaving your feet out of the blanket at night, we’ve got the comforter for you! It’s warm and cozy with 233 thread-count cotton. It's super breathable for tropical nights when you need your feet tucked in but don’t want to overheat. It’s also ideal for snowy mornings when you feel like cuddling up on the couch or staying in bed. Get It Today.

Most Luxurious 

Egyptian Bedding Premium All-Season Queen Size Goose Down Comforter

Maximum Loft and Luxury

Add together 750 fill power with 45-ounce fill weight, and you get an extra-plush, deluxe comforter.

What We Liked

You’ll feel you’re in the lap of luxury immediately! You won’t want to use a duvet cover over this 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton. Experience a dense yet high-loft comforter. Honestly, you won’t have to use a duvet cover thanks to the elegant gold cord piping on the edges that gives it classic, timeless style. Purchase Here.

Best for Allergies

Snowman White Goose Down Comforter 

Soft Down-Proof Fabric

Allergies are no problem with the hypoallergenic, baffled comforter. It’s great for the whole family and even guests at your AirBnB.

What We Liked

You get maximum loft from the structured design, plus breathable warmth year-round. But the comforter’s best feature is all thanks to eleven unique techniques, which make it completely allergy-free. The eight corner tabs for attaching to a duvet aren’t bad either. Buy Online.

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