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Top Car Air Fresheners

New-car smell doesn’t last that long, it only takes a few weeks of rides to soccer practice and trips with the pets to fill your car with not-so-sweet scents. If your car has a not so new aroma, it’s time to get an air freshener. But which scents smell the best? Which air fresheners cover up scents, and which ones eliminate them? Can you still eliminate odors without a sickly-sweet smell? You’ll find all the answers in our list of the top car air fresheners. Enjoy the ride!

Most Classic Pick

LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

Long-Lasting Scents

Choose from over three dozen scents.

What We Liked

You can’t go wrong with the original. Grab a six-pack of these air fresheners and you’re good to go for months. Choose the scent that you remember from your parents or your grandparent’s car for some nostalgia. These air fresheners are small, yet powerful. Hang them from your car mirror, stick them in your laundry room, or put them anywhere that needs a fresh, long-lasting scent. Get them here. 

Freshest Scents

Febreze Car Air Freshener

A Breath of Fresh Air

Cover up and remove odors from your car.

What We Liked

Air fresheners that just cover up scents don’t do enough. Eliminate scents with Febreze! Using Odor Clear Technology, these air fresheners remove nasty scents from your car. They’re easy to clip onto your vent and last for up to 30 days. Want your car to smell fresh and clean? The original scent will do the trick. Or, choose the island fresh scent for a mini-vacation in your car. Buy them now. 

Sweetest Scents

Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshener

Ditch the Candles

Fragrance lasts up to four weeks.

What We Liked

Yankee Candle, doesn’t just make candles, they also make amazing air fresheners. Bring your favorite scents in the car with you, without lighting any flames. These air fresheners are small, but sweet. Hang them on your car mirror or any surface that needs a little smell of home. Buy them here. 

Best Air Purifier

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Fragrance, Plastic-, and Odor-Free

Bamboo, hemp, and charcoal clean the air and reduce allergens.

What We Liked

Are air fresheners too intense? Choose an air purifier without fragrance. This air freshener eliminates odors, absorbs smoke, and provides safer breathing air for all of your passengers. What’s the secret? Charcoal. Use it for up to a year in your car before using it as a fertilizer for plants. The air freshener’s hemp material is biodegradable, this is the most sustainable air freshener on the market. Get them now. 

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