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Top Deadlift Bars

Exercising with weights has great benefits for strength and health. Selecting equipment that will maximize output, while minimizing risk, is an essential consideration. That’s why serious heavy lifters choose hex, or trap, bars for doing the Deadlift. These bars allow you to keep the weight closer to your center of gravity and to stay more upright during the movement, which could lower the risk of injury to your low back. Low-weight/high-rep Deadlifts can also be done with a straight bar. Spend a few minutes on our article to find which bar is perfect for you. We reviewed three great hex bars and a standard bar for your consideration.

Roomiest Deadlift Bar

CAP Barbell Olympic Deadlift Bar

A few Extra Inches

You’ll appreciate having a little more room inside the bar to make your lifting safer and more comfortable.

What We Liked

This 55.7” solid steel bar has 25 inches between the grip handles and nine inches of sleeve length. The raised handles are almost 5” tall. It will hold up to 750 pounds of two-inch plates and weighs 52 pounds. This bar is put together well. It’s just under an inch thick and comes with a chrome finish and knurling for a better grip. Get it here. 

Greatest Capacity

HulkFit Olympic Dead Lift Bar

Built Solid

Made of solid, heavy-duty steel, this bar provides strength to lift more and is built to last longer. 

What We Liked

There are two styles to choose from. Both 56” bars have 1.97” bar ends so all 2” plates easily fit. This bar features extra-long loadable sleeves for even greater confidence in your heavy lifting. They have multiple knurling positions and lengths that add to your safety and comfort. The regular bar weighs 45 pounds and the Open-Back bar weighs 77 pounds. Both can handle 1000 pounds. The sleeves are 11.4” long to allow for more weights. Inside of the bar measures approximately 20” X 21.6”. Buy it now. 

Best Deadlift Bar

Synergee Olympic Deadlift Bar

Your Pick-up Bar

Having raised handles on your Deadlift bar means you can pick your bar up easier and with less back strain. 

What We Liked

You can choose your 56” bar to be either a 25Kg bar with raised handles added or a 20Kg flat bar. Both include the choice of black or chrome finishes. The 21” X 23” inside is a bit roomier than others, and the 10” sleeves give you more versatility with weight choice. Non-slip, knurled grips are 0.3mm deeper on the bottom handles than the raised handles. The bars have a capacity rating of 750 pounds and come with a full replacement guarantee. Buy it here. 

Best Standard Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness Barbell Bar

Higher Number of Reps

Weightlifting isn’t always about pumping out the largest weights. 

What We Liked

This is the bar you must have in your gym. With it, you can perform any type of lift with loads up to 250 pounds. Threaded ends of this knurled, 12 pound, solid, chromed bar, are used to hold one-inch plates using star-locked collars. This 60” barbell is great for a wide range of exercises, such as rows, presses, cleans, and squats. Collars are included. There’s a great advantage to pushing a high number of reps. By using a bar that only weighs 12 pounds, you can diversify your training to suit your individual needs. Get it now. 

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