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Top Hawaiian Shirts for Dogs

If pet owners know one thing, it’s that there’s nothing quite as fun as dressing your pet up in a cute outfit. However, a lot of pets won’t tolerate a full-on costume, and besides, costumes aren’t that sensible for everyday pet wear anyway. One walk or romp in the park and they’re ruined. A good compromise can be a simple shirt for your dog, which can be very, very cute, but also functional and comfortable for the dog to wear on a regular basis or even at a few fun pool parties. Make an entrance with your pup! As we go into summer, why not get your dog a Hawaiian shirt and show them off in style at your next backyard barbecue? They’ll be the talk of the town in our favorites listed below.

Best for Extra Large Dogs 

Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt for Dog

Fits Any Dog, Any Time

Say goodbye to sizing worries when purchasing your next pet product. Get your big, fluffy doggo luau-ready!

What We Liked

If you have a particularly large dog, you likely find shopping for clothes for them to be a pain. After all, most clothing options seem to be in that middle-of-the-road medium place, where they’re not going to fit an extra-large, rowdy, and rambunctious dog. Luckily, this shirt comes in seven different sizes, so there’s something for every breed, no matter how big. Order Online.

Best for Multiple Pets 

Tangpan Hawaiian Beach Coconut Tree Print Dog Shirt

Swap Clothes Around the Family

A versatile fit means you can dress up the dog today and then the cat tomorrow.

What We Liked

This Hawaiian shirt was made with more than just your favorite pup in mind. It can also fit cats and other small pets, making it a good purchase decision for those with multiple pets in their home. After all, if you buy a shirt and your dog doesn’t care for it, you can always give it to the cat—no worries. Order Yours Here.

Easiest to Wear 

EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Pet Dog Polo

Puppy Polo That Fits Like a Dream

Does your dog hate wearing clothes? Give this easy-fit, super-comfy shirt a try.

What We Liked

A lot of dogs simply don’t like clothes. They’re frustrating, tight, or just downright uncomfortable. This shirt alleviates that feeling of discomfort, though, due to its unique fastener closure. Unlike pullover clothing items that can be too tight or buttoned items that can irritate sensitive skin, this all-natural cotton shirt fastens in one spot, conveniently, for the utmost comfort. Buy It Here.

Best for Small Dogs 

BUYITNOW Hawaiian Pet Dog Polo

Dressing an Extra Tiny Pooch?

Just because your pup is on the petite side, that doesn’t mean they have to go without. Here’s the perfect option!

What We Liked

This Hawaiian shirt for dogs is best suited to those on the smaller side. The sizing runs tiny, which means if you’ve got a little guy or gal in the house with that adorable thin waist, legs or overall body, then this shirt should fit perfectly, even if you struggle with finding clothing to fit them on a regular basis. Big things come in small packages, right? Get ready for big smiles when your teensy pup goes strolling in this! Purchase Today.

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