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Top Hawaiian Shirts for Women

Don’t have a good Hawaiian shirt in your closet? You might need one and not even know it! They’re great for themed parties, impromptu Halloween costumes, summer barbecues, fun staged social media shots, going on vacation, and more. Not to mention, Hawaiian shirts are typically breezy, light and airy, making for a comfortable fit especially if you live in or are visiting a hot, humid destination. And, since they’re particularly loose fitting, they flatter just about every body type. But don’t think that Hawaiian shirts are all gaudy, blindingly bright, and made for middle-aged men—you can find flattering Hawaiian shirts in a range of colors and styles, great for the fashionable woman looking for a unique piece to add to her wardrobe. Shop our favorites below!

Best All Around

V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt Blouse

Fits Any Body Type

You’ve never had such an easy-to-wear item in your wardrobe. This shirt is cut perfectly to fit any body type, with a loose, flowing, tunic look; wide sleeves; and a comfortable collar.

What We Liked

This button-close, 100-percent polyester fiber, silk-feel shirt comes in a range of sizes, but the cut is what really makes it suitable for anyone in your family who might want to wear it. Not only perfect for women with curves, it can fit children, men, young or old. The dense material manages to be light while also durable, and it comes in nine different patterns. Order Online.

Most Variety 

King Kameha Funky Hawaiian Shirt Blouse

Choose from a Range of Styles

Turn heads, but only in the way you want. Get yourself a Hawaiian blouse suited to your style.

What We Liked

Hawaiian shirts can sometimes get a bad rap. They’re bold! They’re bright! But you can find a Hawaiian shirt that fits your style and current closet easily when you have so many options to choose from. This provider gives you 10 wildly varying designs, so there’s something for everyone, whether you want to go as big and bold as possible, or you want something a little more on the tamer side. Purchase Yours Now.

Most Professional 

28 Palms Women's Loose-Fit 100% Cotton Hawaiian Aloha Blouse Shirt

Classy Colors and Muted Styles

Don’t love neon colors? No worries. These professional-style blouses give you Hawaiian vibes without being too over the top.

What We Liked

If you need a Hawaiian shirt to wear to an office function or other semi-professional event, you may want to go with something that will make you feel a little more “adult” than some of the other Hawaiian shirts out there. This option definitely fits the bill, with muted colors and designs, like pineapples on a black background, palm fronds on a black background, or parrots on a maroon background. Buy It Online.

Best Fit 

SSLR Women's Flamingos Floral Casual Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

Show Off Those Curves

If you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it. Don’t get lost in a baggy shirt with this fitted, tailored option.

What We Liked

Most Hawaiian shirts are pretty wide and loose-fitting, but if that’s not really your style, you don’t have to go that way. You can get a more fitted and form-flattering look with these shirts that are button-close and 100-percent polyester. The fit is designed for women, meaning it’s a bit broader around the chest and hips while being a bit narrower around the arms as well. Get It Today.

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