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Top Hooded Rain Jackets for Women

Whether you’re running errands, exercising, camping, or enjoying the outdoors, it’s helpful to have a dependable rain jacket for when the weather turns windy and rainy. When shopping for a rain jacket, consider if you need one that’s lightweight and roomy enough for exercising, and whether it needs to be easy to pack. Here is our review of four different hooded rain jackets for women. They’re our favorites, and we’re certain you’ll find something here that suits you.

Long Feminine Cut

Columbia Women’s Switchback Lined Long Jacket

All-Season Rain Jacket

This lined rain jacket has a classic modern cut that is longer than many jackets. So, it will keep more of you warm and dry in the rain and wind.

What We Liked

This all-season rain jacket is lined for warmth but lightweight enough to pack and take with you anywhere. It’s built to be durable and last, using high-quality materials and secure stitching. The nylon exterior protects you from rain and wind, and the lining helps keep you warm. The jacket has adjustable cuffs to keep the sleeves secure and a drawcord for the bottom hem. The storm hood is also adjustable to help protect you from the elements. It has two zippered hand pockets to store items, and the jacket is comfortable and perfect for everyday use. It has feminine styling details to provide a flattering fit. Perhaps best of all, the jacket is machine washable for your convenience. Order Online.

Easy to Pack

EZRUN Women’s Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket

Lightweight and Durable

This hooded jacket keeps you dry and protects you from the wind without causing you to overheat when outdoors. You could be exercising, camping, or running errands. Do it all and know that this one can be folded into its own carrying pouch.

What We Liked

This lightweight, pull-on rain jacket is easy to take with you anywhere, whether you’re out for a run, cycling, camping, and more. The jacket folds down and tucks into a pocket in the back of the jacket to form its own pouch (size 7 x 7 inches). The nylon material is waterproof and helps block the wind. The elastic cuffs keep your sleeves in place. There are two front side pockets with zippers and a packable back pocket. We appreciated that the drawstring hood and hem allowed us to adjust the jacket to fit us all comfortably. Added bonus: it boasts reflective markings on the hood and back to make you easier to see at night. Get It Here.

Relaxed Fit

The North Face Women’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket

Unlined Jacket for Year-Round Use

This lightweight jacket has a durable water-repellent finish to keep you dry. It also brings a relaxed fit for maximum comfort.

What We Liked

This durable rain jacket is made to keep you dry and to protect you from the wind. The zippered underarm vent allows for additional breathability. The jacket is unlined so you can use it year-round, and the relaxed fit makes it easy to wear with extra layers. The adjustable hood helps protect you from the elements. To boot, this lightweight jacket is easy to fold and take with you. Note that it comes with two zippered hand pockets to keep your hands and/or valuables secure. Purchase It Online.

Great Detachable Hood

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Soft Shell Rain Jacket with Detachable Hood

Lined Jacket Protects Against the Wind

This woven fabric is great, and the lining makes it so durable. It’s quality you’ll feel immediately. You’ll have it for years to come!

What We Liked

This lined jacket protects you from the elements with its sturdy, woven fabric and detachable hood. The jacket has a front zipper closure, and two front pockets are zippered to keep your valuables secure. The jacket is cut to provide a flattering, feminine flair. The jacket is also made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. It's machine washable for easy care, which we always applaud. Buy One Today.

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