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Top Portable Generators

Portable generators create electricity from a rechargeable battery or gasoline. While they’re standard for RV camping and remote job sites, everyone should have a small generator at home. During emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, and wildfires, power outages are frequent. Instead of getting caught without a charged cell phone, you can use a portable generator to keep your fridge running, AC unit operating, and all electronics ready to go. You can use a portable generator even while car camping, to keep your cell phone and tablet charged, or to hang string lights through your campsite. Check out our selection of portable generators for every situation. Here are our top picks on the market right now.

Best for Camping 

Jackery Portable Power Station 

Compact and Lightweight

Here’s a rechargeable power station that weighs under ten pounds and can charge cell phones and laptops, as well as run mini-fridges and TVs.

What We Liked

While portable power generators are necessary for emergencies, this one is pure fun in the outdoors. It has both USB and AC outlets and a display that shows the remaining charge of the unit. The best part is the sold-separately solar panel for recharging the power station itself. Order Online.

Best for Workshops

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator 

Long Run Time

This industrial generator will run for up to 16 hours off a 6.6-gallon fuel tank, which makes it perfect for shops and remote job sites.

What We Liked

The push-button remote start will let you hit the ground running with this generator. It weighs close to 200 pounds, but it is still easy to transport with a foam-covered handle and never-flat wheels. It’s heavy for heavy-duty work! Purchase Here.

Best for RVs

Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator 

Reliable and Powerful

This model runs for up to 12 hours on a full 3.8-gallon tank of gasoline, and it weighs 125 pounds.

What We Liked

Start and stop the generator from up to 80-feet away with the remote FOB. It’s the perfect size and weight to take on the road and can keep everything in your RV running. It’s about as loud as a vacuum cleaner, so it won’t disturb fellow campers while running the air conditioner inside an RV at night. Purchase Yours Online.

Best for Emergencies

Generac Super Quiet Inverter Generator 

Easy to Carry and Quiet

This whisper-generator weighs under 60 pounds and is parallel-ready to join with a second generator for double the power output.

What We Liked

While you hope you never need an emergency generator, it’s proper preparation to have one on hand. This mid-weight model runs up to 10 hours off a one-gallon gas tank. It has USB outlets for phones and tablets, an AC outlet, and easy toggle switches. It’s small enough to store in the garage or basement without resenting the amount of space it takes up. Get It Here.

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