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Top Rain Jackets for Kids

Finding the right rain jacket for your child will keep her warm and dry, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. When shopping for a rain jacket, it can be helpful to find a jacket that suits your child’s style, repels water, and comes with a hood. Also, consider whether you need a rain jacket that doubles as a windbreaker and if it must be easy to pack and carry. Here is our review of four different rain jackets with hoods for kids so you can find the right one for your child. Continue on for our top picks on Amazon right now!

Best Nylon

Columbia Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket, Waterproof & Breathable

Comfortable Nylon Rain Jacket

This lightweight, nylon jacket keeps your child protected from the wind and rain, and it’s easy to move around and play in.

What We Liked

This jacket is lightweight, so your child doesn’t get overheated, especially if they have on layers underneath. It protects well against the rain and wind. The elastic cuffs keep the sleeves in place. The hood is designed to stay on even in the wind. It’s made of nylon to help repel the rain and bears reflective details to make your child easier to see when it’s dark or stormy. The zipper makes it simple for your child to put on and take off. It comes with a place to put their name in case it gets misplaced or they get lost. It comes in 12 different colors, so your boy or girl can find the right style to suit him or her. Buy It Here.

Best Detachable Hood

MGEOY Boys Girls Rain Jackets Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Raincoats Windbreakers for Kids

Rain and Wind Resistant Jacket

This lined, unisex raincoat is comfortable and provides the right level of warmth and protection from the elements on fall and spring days. The reflective detailing is a great feature!

What We Liked

This lightweight jacket is lined with soft, warm fleece to keep your child warm and dry on chilly fall and spring days. The hood is detachable for sunny days when your child only needs lightweight protection. The jacket uses both a zipper and Velcro to keep the coat securely closed. The cuffs have Velcro so you can adjust the fit accordingly as kids grow. The fluorescent strips around the pockets make your child easier to see in dark or stormy weather. Notably, the exterior is polyester, and the lining is fleece. We appreciate that it’s available in nine different colors, so your kiddo is likely to find a hue that makes him or her smile. Get It Here.


 Girls Rain Jacket Kids Hooded Raincoat Windbreaker with Fleece Lining

Cozy with Colorful Designs

This hooded rain jacket makes a great windbreaker and raincoat for any outdoor occasion, and it’s easy for your child to bring with them to school.

What We Liked

This waterproof raincoat is lined with soft fleece to keep your child warm and comfortable even in the wind and rain. The elastic waist provides a flattering fit that will keep your child comfortable and allow for easy movement. The shell is made of polyester to make it waterproof and stop the wind. The jacket also has a reflective strip, so they are easier to see as the sun goes down or as storms approach. The raincoat comes in two colorful patterns we think your kiddo will like. Order Online.


Global Blank Boys Windbreaker Jacket Hooded Water-Resistant Soft-Shell Coat Kids

Polyester Jacket That Packs Easily

This unisex, lightweight hooded jacket is perfect year-round to protect your child from the wind and rain. Pack it away in simple fashion!

What We Liked

This jacket will protect your child from the wind and rain yet is lightweight, so they don’t overheat. The jacket is made for durability with double-stitched sewing. The hood has a fine mesh liner, and the scuba neck provides additional protection from the weather. The elastic cuffs and waistband ensure the jacket stays in place, yet they allow for a full range of motion. The jacket is made of polyester and is lightweight enough to wear in every season. It has a loop on the center back, so it’s easy to hang. It comes in four different colors so your child can find the one that fits his or her unique style. Buy Now.

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