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Top Reflective Dog Vests

Don’t take any chances that your favorite furry friend can’t be seen by oncoming cars or bikes. Reflective dog vests are easy to put on and they are comfortable enough to keep on. These vests will help your pet be seen for hundreds of feet away even in the dark. They give you peace of mind when your dog is running around in a field or other areas of hunters. These vests come in high-visibility bright colors and have reflective stripes, pictures, and/or words. We found four great vests that we think you and your canine companion will love.

Best Overall Design

SafetyPUP XD Reflective Dog Vest

Day and night visibility.

If you’re looking for a vest that is bright both day and night, you’ll want to fit your furry buddy with one durable enough for daily use.

What We Liked

This full-body reflective vest is made from rip-resistant material. On top of that, it’s double-stitched so it’s tough enough to use daily. There’s a convenient utility strap on the side that’s perfect for a poop bag or other lightweight things. There’s an assortment of colors and sizes and it comes with a NO-RISK GUARANTEE! Get it here. 

Editor’s Choice

4LegsFriend Dog Safety Reflective Vest

Bright and reflective.

This bright orange vest includes reflective prints that can be seen from 500 feet at night.

What We Liked

High-visibility orange with the added advantage of reflective paws and writing makes this vest easy to see. This soft, breathable, premium rip-resistant material is waterproof and easy to clean. The vest goes on easily and stays on with the help of Velcro closure straps. It comes with a 100-percent hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee. Buy it now. 

Great Fitting Dog Vest

Pet & Protect Premium Dog Reflective Vest

Rugged resistance.

These well-built vests are made of water- and rip-resistant material, then double-stitched for greater strength.

What We Liked

The 300D Oxford weave rip-resistant material with PU coating will last and protects your active dog. The interior lining cuts down on chafing while Velcro straps provide the perfect fit. The vest is perfect for out in the fields, as the bright colors are easy to see and the vest is water-resistant to keep your pet dry. Buy it here. 

Great Visibility

BSEEN Reflective Dog Vest High Visible Dog Jacket

High visibility.

Your pet pal is a super dog. She’s your friend and protector. Keep your hero safe with this highly visible vest that’s easy for you and others to spot your dog from afar.

What We Liked

Waterproof, soft, and breathable. This vest uses Velcro straps so it takes no time at all to put the vest on and off. Strips of reflective tape enhance the visibility of these washable vests that come with a 100-percent HASSLEFREE and 60 Days Guarantee. Get it now. 

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