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By now, we all know that tanning the old-fashioned way can be pretty hazardous to your health. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your beautiful sun-kissed, bronze glow. You can still have the skin tone and tan you want, if you’re using the right products. Self tanners are a great way to obtain the tan you want, without sacrificing your skin health. Additionally, self tanners are quick to use in your own home, meaning you don’t waste time going to the tanning salon for a spray tan, which is often more expensive! If you’ve been interested in switching to self tanning for a while, why not start now, and get that golden glow in before the summer ends? Here are three top self tanning products available on Amazon.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Self Tanner with Organic & Natural Ingredients

Clean and Effortless

What’s even in a spray tan anyway? Skip the gross chemicals and get your self tan on at home, with an all-natural and all-organic solution.

What We Liked

This sunless tanning solution is made with vegan ingredients and is organic and natural, leaving you with a golden, glowing tan free from orange streaks or dark spots. Ingredients include good-for-your-skin compounds like coconut oil, green tea and shea butter. The lotion is suitable for sensitive skin, young and old alike. Get it here. 

Best Instant Tan

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion

Quickly Bronze

Don’t have time to wait for a tanning lotion that takes days or weeks to show? Try this ultra-fast, instant dark tanner.

What We Liked

This natural, instant tanner is easy to apply and gives you a natural-looking, instant tan. It’s designed for anyone with any current skin type or hue, who wants a darker tan that goes beyond a simple golden glow. You’ll look like you just spent the entire summer in the Caribbean! Buy it now. 

Best Foam

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Light and Airy

A foam-style tanning solution means less mess than a traditional self-tanning lotion.

What We Liked

This self-tanning and bronzing mousse is distributed from an aerosol can just like a hair mousse. It comes out in a fluffy, light formula, that feels weightless on the skin, a nice contrast to the sometimes sticky and heavy tanning lotions of the past. The mousse dries in 60 seconds and gives you a bronze glow. Buy it here.

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