Top Training Cones

Training cones are an essential item for any team or individual trainer. Whether you’re looking to improve dexterity, strength, or reaction, training with cones is an easy way to create a variety of agility drills. Set up an obstacle course or create boundaries for games. A bright set of training cones are a safe way to improve stamina, coordination, and agility. We’ve put together a list of four of our favorites to help you create your next training session.

Best Color Variety

Profect Sports Pro Disc Cones

Get a Complete Set

Everything you need to quickly create an agility course, to mark a field, or to run a drill is included in this complete set. 

What We Liked

Put on a fun, well-organized practice without stressing over the need for a lot of equipment. This set contains 50 disc cones, cone holder, carrying bag, and a helpful e-book with 15 drills. Just grab your lightweight carry bag and head to the field. It only takes one hand to carry all the training equipment you’ll need. The super flexible cones are durable and come in five choices of highly-visible colors so they’re easy to find. They are backed with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Get them here. 

Most Vibrant color training cones

Super Z Outlet Training Cones

Stacks Up

The bright orange cones are wide and bright enough to be clearly seen in grass and will stack up in such a compact package you’ll be able to keep a set under your front seat, desk drawer, or closet shelf.

What We Liked

You get 20 bright orange flexible cones that are held in a stack together using the included Velcro strap. They’re eight inches in diameter and two inches high. These cones are tough enough to be stepped on without causing you to trip. Buy them now. 

Best Traffic-Style Cones

Alyoen Training Cones

Soft and Secure

Each cone is made so you can quickly and easily secure them into the ground so you don’t have to worry about windy conditions ruining your training session. 

What We Liked 

Each cone is nine inches tall and made with Low-Density Polyethylene. They’re thick enough to outlast their competitors, yet the fluorescent orange cones are as flexible as they are bright. The cones are soft and flexible as well so no one gets hurt bumping into them. They’re lightweight and can be used on any surface. Each pack contains ten cones. Buy them here. 

Low-Profile Training Cones

GoSports Agility Training Cones

Toss and go

Your favorite speed and agility training aids are always easy to take with you when you have a mesh bag with a drawstring.

What We Liked

Your set of 20 bright orange training cones are lightweight and have a low profile for added safety. Being stepped on won’t hurt these flexible and durable cones that are also easy to clean. The mesh tote bag has a drawstring so you can quickly grab and go at any time. It’s easy to stay organized and stop worrying about losing your cones when you have an easy storage solution. Get them now. 

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