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Learning to ski is as much about preparation as it is about making great turns. AIM Adventure U’s Intro to Skiing online course is a great place to start.

The first step to skiing, more important than even strapping into your skis, is finding the right boot to hug your feet throughout your ski experience.

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Getting your boots on can be a struggle at first.Keri Bascetta

Like any shoe, you want the right size, for starters. Wearing too small of a boot will be miserable, as ski boots are already tight on the foot to begin with. Having a little extra space for your toes might feel comfortable in the boot, but it’s at the expense of performance and control of your skis. The right boot will not only be snug and responsive enough to give you command and control of your ski, it will also be decently warm and comfortable. Be warned that no ski boot will ever be as comfortable as, say, your tennis or running shoe. They will always feel a little tight and constricting on the foot. Snug is good, and what feels a little tight in the shop will likely loosen up as you ski.

It bears repeating: Boots are the most important component of your gear. And yes, any experienced skier will tell you that taking them off at the end of the day feels great.

AIM Adventure U’s Intro to Skiing course is designed to take you through the basics of skiing, without actually having to step foot on the hill. The six-week online course can be completed from wherever you are, on your own time. Through interactive lessons, which include photo and video instruction, you’ll be prepared to navigate everything from the rental shop to your first turns on the slopes.

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