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The Best Skiers Have Serious Power Endurance. Get There With This Workout.

You could ski yourself into shape, but we don't recommend it. This is the better way to get there.

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The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

At the start of every ski season, we think we can just ski ourselves into ski shape. It only takes a ski day or two—days cut short because our legs couldn’t hack it—to realize we made the same mistake again.

This is the season to break that cycle. The time to start getting your body ready for the slopes is now, and the workout to whip you into ski shape is right here. This power endurance circuit designed by former U.S. Ski Team strength and conditioning coach Chris Miller preps the whole body to perform ski-specific movements and withstand the forces working against you on the hill.

Check out Chris Miller’s full pre-season bootcamp with video workouts

To get the most out of this circuit, incorporate it into your gym routine two to three times a week after warming up with light cardio and dynamic stretching. Add the two anti-movement core moves at the end of the power circuit to strengthen your deep core and help you stay stable and strong when you’re schussing downhill.

Power Endurance Circuit

Perform 4 rounds of the power endurance circuit with 15 seconds rest between exercises, 90 seconds rest between rounds. Then perform 3 sets of the anti-movement core sequence.

Skater Hop – 6 reps each side

Start with feet hip-width apart, weight in front of chest. (For a modified version, perform without weight). Shift bodyweight onto one leg, then hop laterally to land on the opposite leg. Keep head and chest up, weight at chest height. Continue to hop back and forth for 12 total reps.

Get Fit to Rip, Skater Hops
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

Hay Baler – 6 reps each side

Start in a narrow split squat position, holding the weight opposite of the front leg at hip height. Step your back foot forward and lift the weight diagonally over the shoulder. Step back and bring the weight down to return to starting position. Repeat on the same side for 6 reps before switching sides.

Get Fit to Rip, Hay Bailer
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

Romanian Deadlift – 10 reps

From standing position with knees slightly bent and kettlebell, weight plate, or dumbbell in hand, hinge at the hips and allow weight to slowly pull the upper body towards the floor. Keep back flat and arms straight. Drive through the legs to return to standing. Repeat for 10 reps.

Get Fit to Rip, Romanian Deadlift
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

Squat to Press – 10 reps

Start with feet shoulder-width apart, weight at chest height. Bend knees and hinge at hips to sink into a low squat, keeping the back straight and chest up. Drive through the heels of your feet and press the weight overhead as you return to standing. Repeat for 10 reps.

Get Fit to Rip, Squat to Press
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

Anti-Movement Core Sequence

Dead Bug – 20 reps

Start on the floor, legs raised and bent to 90 degrees and arms extended straight overhead; make sure your low back is pressed flat against the floor. Extend opposite arm and leg, then bring back to center. Repeat on the other side and keep alternating for a total of 20 reps.

Get Fit to Rip, Deadbug
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

High Plank Pull-Through – 20 reps

Grab a moderate weight and get into a high plank position, with the weight just within reach to one side. While holding a plank, reach the arm farthest from the weight under the body to drag weight towards the opposite side. Maintain a strong plank position with hands directly below shoulders, hips high and level. Repeat for 20 reps.

Get Fit to Rip, High Plank Pull Through
(Photo: Jesse Albanese)

Like this workout? It’s just one of many designed by Chris Miller for SKI‘s Get Fit to Rip course on Outside Learn. The comprehensive online training plan  features full workout videos that you can follow at home, no gym equipment required.