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The Day Before: Inspection at Verbier Xtreme 2019

A photo essay from the riders' visual inspection of the Bec des Rosses in Verbier, Switzerland.

One of the hardest things about the Freeride World Tour is that athletes are not allowed to ski the face before the competition. This makes the visual inspection session the day before the event a critical, mandatory event. For the final stop of FWT19, the riders were a bit anxious, a bit excited, and very focused on the task at hand.

Inspecting the bec des rosses
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Two riders inspect the Bec des Rosses in Verbier, Switzerland

markus eder and arianna tricomi
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

The FWT19 Overall leaders, Markus Eder and Arianna Tricomi, take a look at the Bec des Rosses. Both are from Italy.

Jackie Paaso
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Fresh off her win in Ordino Arcalìs two weeks ago, American Jackie Paaso hopes  to get her second win on the Bec tomorrow.

Wadek Gorak, Reine Barkered, Kristofer Turdell, and Carl Erikson
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Wadek Gorak, Reine Barkered, Kirstofer Turdell, and Carl Regner Erikson make plans for later.

Hazel Birnbaum
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Norwegian Hazel Birnbaum gives an interview.

Riders meeting
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Elisabeth Gerritzen and Markus Eder (center) take in the rider’s meeting.

Forerunner 2 on the bec des rosses
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Can you spot the skier? A forerunner make their way down the Bec.

Forerunner on the Bec
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

A more noticeable skier finishes their forerun.

Jacqueline Pollard and Aymar Navarro
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Aymar Navarro (left) and Jacqueline Pollard give interviews.

Aymar Navarro
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Aymar Navarro gives the face a good look.

boots with the spur
Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

Boot with spurs bring a little bit of fun to Switzerland.

FWT19 Xtreme Verbier

The final stop of FWT19 is scheduled to take place in Verbier, Switzerland on Saturday, March 23, 2019, at 8:15 a.m. CET (12:15 a.m. MST). The event will live stream on FWT’s YouTube channel. Keep up-to-date with all of the FWT19 action on’s FWT page, as well as SKI Magazine’s Facebook and Twitter channels.