This Is How You Avoid Crashing Into Trees

There are two main lines through the trees. Pro ski instructor Ann Schorling explains how to pick and ski the best one.

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“Don’t look at the trees,” they say. “Look at the white spaces between them,” they say. But how, exactly, does one link turns from white space to white space in the trees?

In this video, professional ski instructor and PSIA Alpine Team member Ann Schorling outlines two ways to link turns between trees to ski trees more fluidly.

“Typically when you’re skiing in the trees, there are two main lines in the white space,” explains Schorling. “The first hugs close to the tree you’re trying to ski around. That’s the straight line. That line helps you pick up speed and ski faster. If you don’t want that speed, you’re going to end up hauling through the trees and have to shut down that speed later. The other line is the wide line.”

Watch the video to learn how to ski the wide line, so you can comfortably and fluidly link turns even when trees get real tight.

Watch: How to Pick Your Line Through Trees

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