Low Impact, Big Results: Lower Body


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Strengthen quads, hamstrings and glutes with these jumps. To also work your trunk-stabilizing muscles, keep your arms out of the water during each exercise, except for the explosion squat.
Mogul Jump
Stand on your right foot next to a line on the pool floor in waist- to chest-deep water. Jump to the other side of the line, landing on your left foot (shown above).As soon as you land, jump back to the original side.

Explosion Squat
In waist- to chest-deep water, squat until your thighs are parallel with the pool floor, keeping your knees aligned above your ankles and your back straight. You should be completely submerged. Pause; then explode upward, jumping as high as you can. Land on your feet and repeat immediately. Do three sets of 12 reps.

One-Legged Tuck Jump(See Photo 1)
Stand in waist- to chest-deep water. Keep your torso straight and upright and your abs tight throughout the exercise. Bring your right knee upward until your thigh is parallel to the pool floor. Then jump, bringing your left knee up in line with the right, so that you are in a tuck jump position (1). Return your left leg to the starting position. Do three 90-second intervals with each leg.

One-Legged Kick Jump(See photo 2)
Follow instructions for the tuck jump, except instead of bringing your right leg in front of you, keep your right thigh perpendicular to the pool floor and bend your right shin up behind you. Then jump, kicking your lower left leg behind you until it is in line with the right (2).