Mountain Biking 101: For Skiers

Four tips for skiers who want to get fit in the off-season.

Want to avoid pow-day and hot-lap bonks? Try mountain biking. This off-season activity promises to improve your aerobic fitness and balance—plus hone your focus for choosing lines, tree skiing, and facing fear.

Scott House, communications director and guide for White Pine Touring and Jans Mountain Outfitters in Park City, Utah, gave us countless tips on a recent trip to tackle some of Park City’s 400-plus miles of single track. Here are the most important things you should know about mountain biking.

Why Skiers Should Try Mountain Biking

Why You’ll Pick It Up Faster Than Non-Skiers

On-Trail Etiquette

How to Climb Hills

How to Descend (It’s different on a bike, we swear.)

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