Skiers Vs. Snowboarders: Who Gets Hurt More?

The American Journal of Sports Medicine sets the record straight.

We thought that the war between one and two plankers ended long ago, but the American Journal of Sports Medicine opens old wounds with a recent study finding that—drumroll please—snowboarders suffer more injuries on the slopes. Specifically, inexperienced female snowboarders. The Huffington Post breaks it down here.

Researchers at Burlington’s University of Vermont College of Medicine followed 10,733 skiers and snowboarders who wound up at the medical clinic of an unnamed Vermont ski resort between 1988 and 2006. The study hashes out what we already know: Wrist, shoulder and ankle injuries are common among snowboarders, while knee ligament injuries (including ACL and MCL tears) take out the lion’s share of skiers. Overall, snowboarders recorded the higher rate of injury. Something else we already know? Skiing remains the superior sport. Guess that war’s back on.