Snow, Sand, and Pigskin


After running gates at Mt. Hood, OR, the men’s US alpine team has switched gears and venues, moving to San Clemente, CA to iron out fitness and strength kinks during dryland camp.San Clemente, CA, July 13, 2001–After a successful five-day, on-snow camp running slalom at Mount Hood, the men’s alpine teamhas set-up housekeeping for its annual dryland camp outside San Diego.

“Hood was good,” retiring men’s Head Coach Bill Egan said Thursday night as the men — who left Oregon’s Mount Hood Wednesday–transitioned from snow to sand and other dryland sites. “The snow the last two days were not as good, but the first three days were excellent. We got a lot done.

“The guys got a lot of equipment tested and some other issues ironed out, which will be really good when they get to South America and New Zealand,” Egan said. “It’s good for the downhill guys to ski some slalom, get ’em turning those boards, make ’em quicker…”

The San Clemente camp, he said, will include the usual mix of rigorous beach and surf workouts with strength sessions and a couple of non-traditional workouts at Saddleback College where Egan was a football assistant coach for 17 years before coming fulltime to the Ski Team in the late Eighties. “This’ll give everyone some variety, add a little fun for the athletes and the coaches, do some agility drills and run some pass patterns.

“Yeah, it’s fun but it’s important, too. It adds a little variety but it also helps in working on foot speed. Football’s an anaerobic sport, so it’s good for the skiers. This is always a good camp.”

The San Clemente camp runs until the 19th. The men’s technical team (slalom/GS) is scheduled to train in New Zealand next month while the speed group (downhill/super G) will be in Portillo, Chile.