Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 2

The second episode in a six-part workout series from Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team. This week's exercise: Glute Side Band Walks.

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Over the next six weeks, Ted Ligety, Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup giant slalom champ, will show us six different exercises he does to get into shape for ski season. This week’s exercise: Glute Side Band Walks.

Alex Moore, strength and conditioning coordinator for the U.S. Ski Team, and Ted’s trainer, says that these work the Gluteus Medius, which are big hip and knee stabilizers. “This exercise helps develop both strength and endurance in a controlled environment,” he says.

To make the exercise harder, you can get  stiffer, more resistant bands.

Week One‘s exercise.

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