Workout of Champions: Anda Rojs


anda rojsAnda Rojs
5′ 7″; 140 lbs.

Claim to fame: Three-time winner of the 24 Hours of Aspen; three-time NCAA All-American ski racer.

Fit thought: “I like to add agility or balance to a strength exercise — it keeps things from getting boring.”

Favorite move: Leg Press with a Twist

Targets: Mostly quadriceps; also works hamstrings and improves balance.

How to: Do the old standby move on the leg press machine, but add a plyometric element by pushing off as you extend your legs (see photo). Your feet will lose contact with the footpad. Then absorb the weight with your legs as you land. “Make the move explosive,” says Anda, “you need that kind of power for skiing.” At the end of each set, when your legs are tired, hop on a balance board and roll your ankles around.

Reps & sets: Start with low or no weight and high reps (30), then gradually increase the weight while decreasing the reps.

Anda’s tip: “Vary your exercise so you don’t get sick of your routine. Ride a mountain bike, take a Pilates class. Mix it up, and keep it fun.”