Workout of Champions: Mike Douglas


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mike douglasMike Douglas
5’8″; 150 lbs.

Claim to fame: New school pioneer; former Canadian national freestyler; appears in movies by MSP, TGR, and Poor Boyz Productions.

Fit thought: “With all the jumping I do, a strong core is key. It’s what holds you together when you land.”

Favorite move: Ball Roll

Targets: Core; also improves balance.

How to: Start in a pushup position, hands on the floor and shins on the ball (see photo). Keep your arms straight, but not locked, and your spine aligned. “Think about making a coffee table out of your body,” says Mike. Once you can hold that position with a straight back, pull knees toward chest, tucking yourself into a ball. “It’s a balance thing,” says Mike. “To keep the ball from rolling, you’re using your stabilizer muscles.”

Reps & sets: Build to 3 sets of 20 reps.

Mike’s tip: Do this exercise during commercial breaks when you’re watching Ally McBeal. Try to keep going until the Biscuit comes back.