Powder Click tout

Learn How to Take Expert Ski Photos

The Powder Click photo camp, put on by Ski Magazine, is the perfect excuse to up your photo game while spending a week skiing in Chile.

What I Learned: Parva Thumbnail

What I Learned: Women's Freeride Ski Camp

Self-doubt can be paralyzing—or it can be empowering.

Reggie Crist's group skis Chile

Trading Skyscrapers for Southern Summits

Reggie Crist helps city dwellers escape the concrete jungle to ski Chilean powder.

Ingrid Shreds

The Gospel According To Ingrid Backstrom

Finding inner peace—and better skiing—through powder turns in La Parva, Chile.

Ingrid Backstrom Carrying Skis

Piscos and Powder With Ingrid Backstrom

Making turns south of the border with the world's best big-mountain skier

2012 Season Opener, Portillo, Chile

It's Snowing in South America

Twenty inches of fresh powder fell this week at Portillo, Chile, just in time for opening day.


POW Moves South

Have you ever wondered how climate change is going to affect your ski season? The folks at Protect Our Winters have, and they’re working to spread awareness to winter sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Portillo Night

High Society: Skiing in Portillo, Chile

This mountain outpost is a living tribute to what skiing used to be.

Portillo Powder

Powder in Portillo

Almost 7 feet and counting

First Heli Trip in Valle Nevado

Where Now: Valle Nevado, Chile

The newest and largest ski resort in South America serves up powder all summer long. Here's how to plan a trip to Valle Nevado.