All-Terrain Workouts


You wouldn't take your luxury sedan off-road. Why take your body places it's not prepared to go? These specialized drills will prep you for moguls, powder, hard snow—or whatever else your skis might encounter. It may all be considered skiing, but when it comes to turning, floating or carving your way through varied terrain and snow conditions, you might as well be doing different sports. Consider the differences in skiing moguls, deep powder and hard snow: The first falls somewhere between performing a cone drill and dancing the twist, the second is like negotiating a slippery trampoline with worn-out springs, and the last can be reasonably compared to traversing a floor covered with marbles. Is it any wonder that one workout doesn't fit all skiers' needs—or even those of a single skier hitting different area codes in the same season? You need to train with terrain-specific conditions in mind if you want to get the most out of your day pass, not to mention stay out of the PT's office. u With the help of Dr. Jay Smith, a consultant at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, and Dr. Ed Laskowski, a former Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) instructor and Center co-director, we've put together the following specialized workouts. Whether your game takes you into moguls, deep powder, hard snow or all of the above, here are strength exercises, agility drills and stretches that will maximize your training time. And don't let the barbell-deficient nature of these lifts fool you. "They're harder than they look, Smith says. "You'll definitely get a burn.

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