Early Season Skiing

Michael Rogan tells you how to make the most of early season conditions.
PSIA Fall Workshop Tip for early season skiing

When resorts are open, but all the runs aren’t, use the early-season conditions to your favor, says Michael Rogan, Ski Magazine's director of instruction. Rather than complain about shoddy snow coverage while you scratch the itch to ski, heed his advice:

“These snowmaking piles are great pieces of terrain that you can use,” Rogan says. Try skiing the undulations from uphill to downhill with changing pitch. “It’s also usually inconsistent snow, so it’s a wonderful place to learn,” he says.

Take advantage of gullies, side hills, water bars, and work roads. “Use those to teach yourself something,” says Rogan. “The easiest thing to do is to get mad at them because of lack of snow. The best thing to do is to embrace them, learn from them, and play with them.”


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