After a hectic—and somewhat unfinished—ending to the 2020 season, the Freeride World Tour is back for FWT21. For the upcoming Tour, the FWT will take place across the same five locations as in recent years, promising athletes some of the best freeride venues in the world to compete on for this year's overall titles. A brand-new format for 2021 will also provide exciting changes, sure to satisfy both athletes and viewers.

Safety is a number one concern for FWT21, and competitions will obey guidelines in order to guarantee athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent throughout the entire season. Beyond making sure snow conditions are adequate for safe competitions, organizers are continuously working to ensure the international events follow health regulations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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The Dates and Locations of FWT21

FWT Verbier hiking

It's a long climb to the start gate on the Bec des Rosses.

The tour's first event window will begin in Hakuba, Japan on January 23, 2021, and conclude with finals during the Verbier Xtreme starting on March 20. 

  1. Hakuba, Japan - January 23-30, 2021
  2. Kicking Horse, B.C., Canada – February 8-13, 2021
  3. Ordino Arcalís, Andorra – February 22-27, 2021
  4. Fiberbrunn, Austria – March 6-12, 2021
  5. Verbier Xtreme, Switzerland – March 20-28, 2021

Four Freeride World Tour Scoring Changes for 2021

FWT Fieberbrunn Startgate

FWT riders get to visit this start gate twice in Fieberbrunn.

This year’s four significant changes include upgrades to the championship structure. The first major difference is athlete qualification for the FWT21 Finals will take place during the third stop instead of the fourth. That means the event at Ordino Arcalís will now serve as "crunch time" for skiers and riders, and some of the athlete field will be cut going into Fieberbrunn and Verbier. The same number of skiers and snowboarders will go through to the finals as in previous years: 13 ski men, 6 ski women, 6 snowboard men, 4 snowboard women (29 riders total). 

The second change this year will be that all athletes competing at Fieberbrunn will receive two runs, and be able to keep only their best score. This decision comes after the 2020 men's snowboarders successfully tested the two-run adjustment in Austria.

Also, FWT21 athletes will experience changes during the finals in Fieberbrunn and Verbier. The points from these last two events will be weighted by 1.5, meaning if the winners at these events will take home 15,000 instead of 10,000, and so on down the results list.

The last notable change to this year's tour includes World Champions being crowned for their best three results out of the five-event tour. 

Athlete Roster for FWT21

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  • The Top 13 FWT 2020 in ranking order:
    • Isaac Freeland (USA)
    • Kristofer Turdell (SWE)
    • Andrew Pollard (USA)
    • Blake Marshall (NZ)
    • Reine Barkered (SWE)
    • Carl Regnér (SWE)
    • Drew Tabke (USA)
    • Carl Renvall (SUI)
    • Tom Peiffer (CAN)
    • Tanner Hall (USA)
    • Kevin Nichols (USA)
  • The Top FWQ 2020 – “The Rookies”
    • Maël Ollivier (FRA)
    • David Deliv (SWE)
    • Julian Hampton (NZ)
    • Ross Tester (USA)
    • Cooper Bathgate (CAN)
    • Raymond McDermott (USA)
  • The Wildcards
    • Léo Slemett (FRA)
    • Sam Lee (NZ)
    • Yann Rausis (SUI)
    • Tao Kreibich (AUT)
    • Yu Sasaki (JPN)
    • Konstantin Ottner (GER)
    • Aymar Navarro (ESP)


  • The Top 6 FWT 2020 in ranking order:
    • Arianna Tricomi (ITA)
    • Hedvig Wessel (NOR)
    • Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI)
    • Jacqueline Pollard (USA)
  • The Top FWQ 2020 – “The Rookies”
    • Zuzanna Witych (POL)
    • Tracy Chubb (USA)
  • The Wildcards
    • Maude Besse (SUI)
    • Juliette Willmann (FRA)


  • The Top 6 FWT 2020 in ranking order:
    • Nils Mindnich (USA)
    • Victor de le Rue (FRA)
    • Sammy Luebke (USA)
    • Cody Bramwell (UK)
    • Jonathan Penfield (USA)
    • Gigi Rüf (AUT)
  • The Top FWQ 2020 – “The Rookies”
    • Hugo Serra (FRA)
    • Michael Mawn (USA)
  • The Wildcard
    • Blake Moller (USA)


  • The Top 4 FWT 2020 in ranking order:
    • Marion Haerty (FRA)
    • Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS)
    • Erika Vikander (USA)
    • Núria Castán Barón (ESP)
  • The Top FWQ 2020 – “The Rookies”
    • Katie Aanderson (USA)
    • Claire McGregor (NZ)
  • The Wildcard
    • Manuela Mandl (AUT)

As the countdown to winter begins, get ready to watch the world's greatest winter athletes throw down tricks that fuel exhilaration in the world of skiing. News and updates are available on SKI's FWT channel and on the Freeride World Tour website.


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