Get Fit with the U.S. Ski Team: Front Squats

Kiley Staples of the U.S. Ski Team demonstrates how front squats keep her core strong.
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Week 1: Box Clean Pulls

Week 2: Drop Jumps

Week 3: Front Squats

Week 4: RDL's

Week 5: Heavy Half Squats

Week 6: Single-Leg RDL's

This exercise develops maximal strength in the core.  When one posseses mobility restrictions, the front squat will force one into a better, mechanically sound position with good alignment of the ankles, knees, hips, and spine.  Even though it's not back squats, it's still a great exercise for developing maximal strength as most athletes can Front Squat 80-85% of their 1 rep max in the Back Squat.

Get Fit with the U.S. Ski Team: Front Squats from SKI Magazine on Vimeo.


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Get Fit with the U.S. Ski Team: Heavy Half Squats

Heavy half squats increase demand on the hip musculature while eliminating the limitations of the muscles acting on the knee in deep ranges of motion. This exercise is a good one for in-season maintenance because it keeps the athletes strong while reducing muscle soreness.