Getting Even

Balance does a body good. Align yourself for stronger - and safer - skiing.
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It’s easy to trace an injury back to its cause, such as a fall on the slopes. Not so obvious, however, is what precipitated the fall. According to Darcy Norman, formerly with the Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance, sports injuries often trace back to muscle imbalances that keep you from moving the way you should. “Your body adapts by finding other movements to compensate,” says Norman. Before long, your form falters, and your risk of injury increases. Short circuit that process with these four tests for common skier imbalances. If you fail any of them, follow these prescribed exercises to restore symmetry.



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Injury Busters

Want to avoid injury this season? Here are nine moves you need to know to stack the safety odds in your favor.

Side lunge

All in the Family

The family that sweats together stays—and skis—together. Here's a fitness routine the whole gang can manage.