Gyms for Kids


Like learning to ski, you want your kids to learn the benefits of working out young. Learning good fitness habits is the best way for your kids to get in shape for ski season and stay in shape for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Here is a list of kid-specific gyms to help your kids get started.

Gym: My Gym
City: Boston, Tucson, Beverly Hills, and Chicago
Cost: $275 per child for two months of membership and classes at any other locations across the country
Enroll your kids in a circuit training class where they can increase strength and conditioning through calisthenics, cardiovascular and strength training. If you’re not sure, they offer a free trial class. For ages 6 weeks-13 yrs. old.

Gym: My Sports Clubs
City: New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia
Your kids can take classes ranging from Yoga for ages 5-12 to “Kidspin” for ages 6-12 or join a sports conditioning class for ages 7-10. Sign up for a 2-week trial period for $20 and see what they have to offer.

Gym: Cheetah Gym
City: Chicago
Cost: $20 per month
Pick from a martial arts class, kickboxing, a tumbling and dance class, or use the kid-specific treadmills and bikes. The kids gym also offers strength training as well as educational games. For ages 4-12.

Gym: Kids Action Fitness
City: Denver
Cost:$35 monthly membership; $10 for a daily drop in
Located inside Club USA, Kids Action Fitness has taken a different approach to your traditional gym and has made working out kid-friendly. With a climbing wall, kids circuit training and popular games such as Dance Dance Revolution, kids will be introduced to fitness in a fun way. For ages 6-14.

Gym: Cross Fit Kids (pictured above)
Cities:Baltimore, Missoula, and Park City
Cost: $50 monthly membership
For kids serious about working out, CrossFit Kids offers a fitness program designed for young athletes. Their philosophy is to use the same workout routines for 4 year olds and elite high school athletes, but scale the load and intensity for age and level. Simple nutritional education is offered alongside the fitness program. For ages 4 to 18.

You can also order online from and choose from a variety of different kid-specific workout machines such as a treadmill, stepper, rower, bike and rider. 1877-4GYMKIDS


Play It Safe: Fitness for Kids

Experts advocate resistance and plyometric training for kids, with one universal caveat: It must be done correctly. Here are guidelines for safe, effective workouts.


Home Gyms for Small Spaces

Working out at home is convenient, and the price is right. But if you’re lucky enough to live in one of those $200,000-a-month Manhattan studios—or if your kids and their junk have oozed into every square foot of your once-spacious home—you may not have room for all the ski-fitness equipment you desire. Fear not. Here are four items that are easy to stash and serve up everything you need to stay in prime ski shape. The first three are also ideal for travel.