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How to Ski: Air It Out!

Be safe—not intimidated— when dropping in. Here's a good flight plan.
Instruction: Ski Big Drops Thumbnail

Keep a straight line. Be ready to accelerate upon landing. And keep your shins in contact with the tongues of your boots (please).

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How to Catch Air tout

How to Ski: Catching Air

No one ever got hurt in the air, right? And with practice and planning, the landings will go just fine.

Three Essentials of Skiing Back Bowls

Back Bowls—How to Ski It

In a good snow season, the back bowls are the place to ski. Here are three tips to improve your skiing.

spines thumb

VIDEO: How to Ski a Spine

Skiing a spine, with fall-away turns on both sides of it, isn’t easy. But it’s a great way to sharpen your technique.

NASTC Clinic

How To Ski: Clinics

A single-day lesson always helps, but to truly transform your skiing takes a commitment of time and energy. Here are our favorite multi-day immersion clinics that will finally take you to the next level. From Vail to Vermont, the list includes a resort near you.

Powder Bumps

How to Ski: Powder Bumps

Power skiing is easy—unless it’s just a thin cover on bumps. Here's how to deal.

Instruction: Terrain Parks Thumbnail

Instruction: How to Ski Secret Terrain and Hidden Lines

A mountain’s best lines are often unmarked and ignored by most skiers. Don’t be most skiers.

Instruction: How To ski Mashed Potatoes Thumbnail

How To Ski: Crud, Chop, and Mashed Potatoes

Crud Busters. Don't let heavy, uneven snow slow you down.

Traverse Lines thumb

How to Ski: Make Traverse Lines Work for You

Let the newbies stick to the traverse lines and cat tracks. Go off the grid to find the good stuff.