Low Impact, Big Results

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In water, your body weighs a tenth of what it does on land. That means you can build power without stressing your joints.As a first cousin to snow, water is a fitting workout environment for skiers. Both mediums are unstable, unpredictable, yet forgiving. And because in water you weigh only 10 percent of what you do on land, power-building aqua exercises have little impact on your joints. We're not talking geriatric water aerobics. "This can be one tough workout," says Cynthia Holcomb, director of operations for the Aquatic Fitness Professionals Association-International. "In land workouts, gravity is always forcing you down.

In water, you encounter resistance no matter which way you move." Plus, water offers 12 times the resistance of air. Warm up with 10 minutes of lap swimming, alternating between freestyle and backstroke. Then try this ski-specific water workout.

It will make you stronger and more stable on the hill and keep your knees fresh-at least until you punish them in the moguls.

Ramp It Up
Using kickboards, aqua steps, water weights and other gear adds a splash of challenge to a water workout. These items are available at many pools, or contact Sprint Aquatics at 800-235-2156 or sprintaquatics.com to order your own gear.

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