Low Impact, Big Results: Core

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Because of the constant need to adjust and stabilize in water, nearly all aqua workouts will challenge your core muscles. But here are a few exercises that will really put them to the test.

Roman Chair
This exercise is like using a Roman chair at the gym, except instead of a Roman chair you use a "fun noodle" (available at many pools). In the deep end, place one or two noodles under your arms so that you float easily. Let your legs hang straight down. Keeping your upper body still and upright and your abs tight, slowly lift your legs straight in front of you until they are parallel to the pool floor. Pause for two seconds; then slowly lower your legs to the starting position. Do not do this exercise quickly or your form will suffer. Do three sets of 12 reps.

Floating Mogul Tuck Jump
Stand next to a line on the pool floor. Using both feet, jump to the other side. Instead of landing, kick your legs out to the side until your lower body is nearly parallel to the pool floor. From that position, pull your body to the center, tucking your knees toward your chest; then kick your legs out to the other side, using your arms to stay afloat. Keep your abs tight and do not touch the pool floor. Do three sets of 90-second intervals.

Trunk Rotation
Stand in neck-deep water. Extend your arms straight out from your sides, and keep them straight throughout the exercise. Cup your hands, and quickly rotate your torso to the left as far as possible. Keep your back straight and your lower body still. Pause, and then rotate explosively to the right as far as you can. Continue for 90 seconds. Rest, and repeat twice more.