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NSAA Kicks Off National Safety Awareness Week

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In an effort to promote skier safety, the National Ski Areas Association and Boeri Helmets will kick off National Safety Awareness Week (Jan. 15-Jan. 21) at ski areas around the country.Lakewood, CO Jan 14--As part of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) Safety Initiative 2000, National Safety Awareness Week will kick off this Sat. Jan. 15 and run through Jan. 21.

This weeklong safety promotion intends to spread the word about safety to skiers and snowboarders on the nation's slopes.

"The objective of the campaign is to attempt to further reduce the frequency of accidents and to unify the industry to focus on and communicate a pro-active, strong safety message," said NSAA Director of Education, Tim White. "Our concern is that the sports are being portrayed as more dangerous than they really are. It's important to keep the risks of skiing and snowboarding in perspective and communicate how personal responsibility is key."

To do this, NSAA has teamed up with the National Ski Patrol, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, and Willis and AIG insurance companies to further educate resort guests about the "Skier's Code of Responsibility".

Many ski areas around the country have planned programs and activities to heighten safety awareness. To see what programs are offered, check out:
Ski Safety Week Special Events.

Nationally, the NSAA has come up with the National Kids' Poster Contest where children compete locally with hopes of being sent to the national contest and having their drawing in SKI Magazine's Oct. 2000 issue. To learn more or to enter the contest, go to:
Poster Contest.

Also, it was announced on Jan. 6, that Boeri Helmets has signed on as a national sponsor for both National Safety Awareness Week and the Kid's Safety Poster Contest. Boeri has produced huge banners and posters promoting safety week and shipped them off to all participating ski areas around the country.

"Boeri's contribution is instrumental to the program's success-their involvement makes it possible for the NSAA to reach the widest possible audience with our safety message," added White.

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